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Video: Hollywood’s Greatest Autograph Collection



And the award for the greatest collection of autographs from Oscar-winning actresses goes to……. Lisa Tenner.


Lisa Tenner has collected and framed every Academy Award-winning actor for a performance by a female in a leading role from the inaugural annual gala in 1928 up to the present (2021).

I wanted to learn more about how this special artifact was created. So. in this 10-minute interview, Lisa invited me into her home and shares how her collection began, tells us which autographs were the hardest to get, and who she predicts will be added to her illustrious Hollywood memorabilia at the 2021 Oscars.

The video also includes an 8-minute montage of all winning actresses, to date.

This priceless keepsake is believed to be the only collection of its kind in the world.

Here’s the video:  CLICK LINK HERE



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