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Posted by on Oct 26, 2018 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Trump’s Wacko Defenders End Up With Egg on Their Faces



Calling out the guilty. Remember them. Call them out. Their credibility is gone.

My thoughts on the “deplorables.”


You saw it everywhere.

On Twitter.  On Facebook.  On television.  You saw it on FOX News.  You read it on far-Right wing websites. You watched it on conservative media, including short video clips intended to plant doubt and sew discord. 

It wasn’t a few isolated nutjobs.  It was an ARMY.

Trump’s army of wackos went to the poison well and dredged up YET ANOTHER wild and crazy conspiracy theory.  They insisted the latest bomb attacks were supposedly a “false flag.”  They called it “fake news.”  It’s all there.  Go look.  They blamed the Democrats, Leftists, George Soros — anyone other than their own kind.  Lacking any shred of EVIDENCE whatsoever, they persisted.  They repeated themselves.

They doubled down.  They went ALL IN.

They went ALL IN on scandal and stupidity.

Well, now we know the terrorist and would-be political assassin and mass murderer *was* and *is* a militant TRUMP SUPPORTER.  On the rear end of his van are pro-Trump stickers and another which reads “CNN SUCKS.”

While the evidence is still being collected by law enforcement and I will reserve some judgment about the case until we learn more, we can draw some conclusions about the DEPLORABLE Trump supporters all over social media who spent the last 48 hours spreading lies and making up bullshit.

They were WRONG.

Their credibility is GONE.

Their credibility on politics means NOTHING.

Their credibility on current events is worthless as tic on an elephant’s ass.

So, next time there is a breaking news story, and you read posts on Facebook about “FALSE FLAGs” and “FAKE NEWS,” pay close attention.  Look at the source.  Remember this news cycle.  Remember the imbeciles who lept to insane conspiracy theories and WERE WILLING TO SIGN THEIR NAMES TO THE IDIOCY.


It’s all there.  Some Trump defenders out there will desperately try to scrub their walls and remove the shitstain that is their political philosophy.  They’ve been littering Facebook for a long time now.  Don’t let them.  They must face consequences.  Remember who they are.

Prior to making this post, I thought about being nice and conciliatory.  I thought about taking the high road.  I considered extending an olive branch.

Well, FUCK IT.

If someone o the Left committed such a reprehensible act, these deplorable souls would be flooding onto social media flinging switchblades.   There would be hundreds of memes rolling off the assembly line driven by the Trump hate machine.  And so — the shitbags who spread wild conspiracy theories and willingly damage their credibility are getting called out as jackasses.

Enjoy that egg on your face. It should be SCRAMBLED just like your wacko politics.

Pizzagate.  Benghazi.  False birth certificates.  The Deep State.  Now, this.

Grow the fuck up.  Try to learn something from this.

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