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Posted by on May 12, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 2 comments

Trump is to Blame for Cybersecurity Attacks and Gas Lines



What’s happened is Donald Trump’s asinine policies for our miserable years and grotesque neglect have finally hit home.  He and his failed administration dropped the ball on cybersecurity. 


Let’s be perfectly clear.

Prior to leaving office in disgrace, Donald Trump set the house on fire.  He lit the flame and hurled the torch.


Yes, a crazed mob of pro-Trump fanatics stormed the United States Capitol building and murdered people.  But I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about a hopelessly naive — or far more likely — a compromised stooge-traitor to the American nation who not only left the doors of national security unlocked.  The maniac even dismantled the very best defenses against our most potent adversaries.  The arsonist even tried to burn the house down.

Yes indeed — everything Trump touches dies.

So, you’re pissed at higher gas prices?  You’re susceptible to imbecilic Facebook memes that blame President Biden for gas lines during the past week?  Grow up.  Welcome to the “free market.”  Fact is, gas price increases were initially caused by two things — an increase in demand and a decrease in supply.  I’m astonished your capitalistic indoctrination didn’t teach you that fundamental precept of economics.  Get an education.

We’re coming out of 15 months of hibernation the likes of which this nation has never experienced.  We were on complete lockdown.  Everything that used gasoline shut down.  So, people weren’t buying gas.

Thankfully now, due to responsible leadership in Washington, people are getting vaccines.  The nation is recovering and approaching normalcy.  That means Americans are driving more.  Flying more.  You know, buying more gasoline.  Prices, artificially low in recent years because of international events including a glut in the global oil supply combined with increased production of alternative resources, were destined to return to a “normal” level, which is still half the price the citizens of most industrialized nations pay for petrol.

A “correction” was foreseeable.  Sorry, but being an American doesn’t entitle you to drive your hog-wheeled truck 75 miles round-trip to work each day at two bucks a gallon.

What’s happened is Donald Trump’s asinine policies and grotesque neglect have finally hit home.  He dropped the ball on cybersecurity.  He gutted the federal cyber-defense response team, which might have helped private companies like those who own vast pipelines.  Gas prices not only went up but there have also now been shortages in some parts of the country because of a recent hack.  So, we’re seeing lines (made much worse because of hoarders).


Russian hackers zapped the nation’s energy grid and attacked a major distribution channel.  Interesting timing, isn’t it?  Let’s examine this in more detail.

Trump, WHO REPEATEDLY SLASHED CYBERSECURITY BUDGETS…Trump, WHO ELIMINATED THE POSITION OF CYBERSECURITY COORDINATOR in his own administration…Trump, WHO REPEATEDLY MADE BIZARRE STATEMENTS DENYING RUSSIANS WERE ATTACKING AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE left the doors on national security unlocked.  He might as well have poured gasoline on the government and handed the Russians a flamethrower.

No doubt, Trump didn’t care about the American people and never listened to high-tech experts and those within the intelligence community who warned him the Russians were ramping up a new kind of cyberwarfare and begging him to do something about it.  The warnings and pleas fell on deaf ears.  Obscenely dumb, and likely compromised by Russian intelligence and dozens of dirty business deals he’s made, Trump refused to listen.  Now, we’re paying the price after four years of willful neglect.





So, gas prices, already on the rise because of the natural economic laws of capitalism, increased.  Then, the Russians — who adored Trump in office as their compromised idiot and defanged rival — have a clear incentive to try and disrupt the American gas supply when the new guy comes into office.

It’s a new age.  Attempts on economic and political disruption are now the primary weapon of adversaries — not land wars and tanks and aircraft carriers.  It used to be you could steal more money with a fountain pen than a gun.  Now, you can bring an entire nation to its knees with a keystroke.  That’s when the hack on the Colonial Pipeline happened.  Right after Trump left office, and Biden took power.  That’s no coincidence.  Planning is everything.  Timing is a revelation.

The Russians are smart, especially when it comes to espionage.  They knew an attack on the nation’s infrastructure wasn’t enough.  Along with economic disruption, a well-orchestrated disinformation campaign was necessary, much like the 2016 election meddling.  So, the cyberattack was followed by a propaganda campaign.  I estimate that seventy-five percent of the memes you now see blaming President Biden for gas lines were probably created straight out of Khoroshovskoye Shosse, the GRU’s (Russian military intelligence) headquarters.

President Biden has been in office for only 110 days.  There’s been no inflection point that would spike gasoline prices, other than natural market forces.  Gas taxes weren’t increased.  Oil companies weren’t targeted with more regulations.  Very little has changed in the American energy sector.  In fact, President Biden’s infrastructure plan is arguably the best thing that could happen to the energy sector, right now.  So, the explanation for gas “shortages” must have come from someplace else.

The explanations are clear and simple:  (1) natural economic forces, and (2) a major cyberattack caused by years of neglect (to be clear, the Colonial Pipeline is a private entity that also bears responsibility for its own security failures).

Thanks, Trump.

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  1. Coincidentally I’m In the oil and gas business as well as horse. But I’m upstream, think drilling rig. What got me was they said they “manually” fixed the issues and got it online and are MANUALLY monitoring it. WTF don’t they just do that all the time?

  2. Never mind, they paid $4 million to the hackers.

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