Nolan Dalla

Trains Crash, People Die — So Who Wins? Answer: Shareholders!



Capitalism in one paragraph:

The Norfolk Southern railroad company is paying $6.5 million (that’s “million” with an M) to derailment victims.

Meanwhile, the company is shelling out $7.5 billion (that’s “billion” with a B) for shareholders!


“Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw pledged $6.5 million to help those affected by the release of toxic chemicals from its derailment…..the company said it’s planning to spend more than a thousand times that amount — $7.5 billion — to repurchase its own shares in order to benefit its shareholders.”


Read:  Norfolk Southern is paying $6.5 million to derailment victims. Meanwhile, it’s shelling out $7.5 billion for shareholders

Solution: Break up the $53 billion company until the debt is paid.  In full.  Use every dime in that company to clean up their own toxic mess, and if that’s not enough money and funds are still needed, then go after every shareholder in this company to foot the bill.

The government (taxpayers) should NOT be responsible for the negligence, incompetence, and greed of a CORPORATION.

Make these fuckers pay.



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