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Posted by on Aug 25, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Thoughts About Americans Still in Afghanistan






Let’s talk about the 4,100 American citizens stuck in Afghanistan. That’s the estimate as of today.

What I want to know is this — what were they doing over there in the first place and why are they still there?

Yeah, I totally get that almost everyone was blindsided by the collapse of the old government and rapid takeover by the Taliban, but the U.S. Department of State issued WARNINGS against all travel to Afghanistan months ago. What were those warnings for? Answer — to avoid the calamity of situations where they might have to be rescued if shit hits the fan. They didn’t listen.

Yes, I totally understand some percentage of that 4,100 figure (which doesn’t include troops) are working in an official capacity and provide(d) essential functions. Yes, make their evacuation a TOP PRIORITY. Do whatever it takes to protect Americans who are in Afghanistan on official government business. As for the rest, they only deserve safe passage once we’ve taken care of priorities:

PRIORITY 1: Evacuate all Americans on official government business.

PRIORITY 2: Evacuate all Aghan citizens who worked in direct support functions for the U.S. mission (and their immediate family members–but no one else).

As for contractors, students, travelers, business people, and so forth — LOW PRIORITY. They went over to Afghanistan voluntarily. Many went for money, or to make money. We owe them nothing. Zippo. Sure, if they can be evacuated without risks to others, that’s great. But I oppose risking even ONE LIFE to save idiots who IGNORED government warnings and decided instead to do their own thing. We have ZERO obligation to risking innocent lives and brave people for stupidity.

The craziest story I read about is a group of high school students who are trapped over there right now. And of course, Eric Prince and his leeches at Blackwater are flying in charter planes and *charging* passengers $6,500 per head to get out (Blackwater guards were convicted of killing civilians in 2014).  Seriously, fuck him. The idea of PAYING to be evacuated is REPULSIVE. But hey, what do you expect from Blackwater and these shitbag for-profit contractors?

With the deadline for total withdrawal just a week away, it’s time to establish come priorities. We owe American officials and loyal Afghans EVERYTHING. We owe all the rest NOTHING.

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