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Posted by on Aug 15, 2021 in Blog, Politics, What's Left | 2 comments

The Fall of Afghanistan: We Told You So



Now the real mess begins — ALL those American weapons now fall into hostile control, of an outlaw government pissed as holy hell at the United States. Feel safer, yet?


Oct. 1, 2021, will mark the 20th anniversary of the United States invasion of Afghanistan.

Back then, we leftists and liberals were the only voices of protest. We warned you. We begged you. We pleaded. We knew the history — theirs and ours — that we were condemned to repeat it if we made this catastrophic mistake. Invading Afghanistan was a mistake.

For opposing the madness and speaking out against engaging in yet another unwinnable war, especially in the chaotic Middle East, we were called “unpatriotic.” We were called “unAmerican.” We were called “traitors.”

Well, it turns out — WE WERE RIGHT.

We were 100 percent right, about it all.

We told you Afghanistan was an ungovernable mess. We told you the United States would blow through hundreds of billions of dollars fighting an ugly war we couldn’t win. We told you wars with no front lines are impossible to manage. We told you an enemy that was invisible would be disastrous (sounds like Vietnam, doesn’t it?).  We told you that thousands would die needlessly on all sides and that civilians would suffer the worst of it. We told you that, at best, the U.S. occupation of a backward, divided, hostile, theocratically-minded land would only prolong inevitable suffering. We warned you this mission would fail.

Well, it turns out — WE WERE RIGHT.

Now, the Afghan capital Kabul is completely surrounded by Taliban forces. The (former) President has fled the country. A functioning government no longer exists. Afghan Army forces, given hundreds of billions in support, are burning their uniforms, and who can blame them?  Afghanistan will fall within days. And that inhospitable land that’s endured for thousands of years as an unconquered, ungovernable mess will go right back to the way it was before.

Indeed, the Taliban will rule the country, only now they will be much stronger, and better armed. And, they’ll be mad as hell, especially towards the United States. Trillions in American treasury (your tax dollars) spun down the drain, much of it going to defense contractors like Blackwater who bled us dry. Thousands of deaths — both Americans and Afghan. Oh and now the real mess begins — ALL those American weapons now fall into hostile control, of an outlaw government pissed as holy hell at the United States. Feel safer, yet?

Nice going, neo-cons. You blew it — AGAIN.

Fact is, and history clearly shows — conservatives are always wrong. Always.  Always.  Always.  About everything. The architects of this foreign policy disaster and gross mismanagement bear most of the blame — George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and the bangers of the war drums. They pulled the pin on the hand-grenade that blew up in our faces 20 years later. NEVER forget them. NEVER forget their mistakes. Conservatives were dead wrong. Leftists and liberals (those of us who were outspoken in opposition) were totally right. We predicted this would happen.


Now, things are really getting crazy, especially in the interpretation (misinterpretation) of current events. History is being distorted again. Some are blaming President Biden for the fall of Afghanistan. Seriously. Can you believe this?  Never mind that 96 percent of the Afghan War timeline was fought under other administrations (President Obama declared an end to the combat mission in 2014).  It’s like blaming President Gerald Ford for the fall of Saigon. The bottom line is — withdrawing American forces completely from Afghanistan (Biden’s objective) is, and remains, the correct decision, despite the carnage.  We never should have been there in the first place.

If there’s any blame to go around for recent foreign policy makers, it clearly rests with the monumentally inept Trump Administration.  Not only was President Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan doomed to fail before it began.  It was Trump’s embarrassingly flawed February 2020 peace agreement with the Taliban that set an early timetable for an American withdrawal and put 5,000 imprisoned maniacal Taliban fighters back into the heat of battle.  READ MORE HERE.

Yeah, let’s agree America’s painful withdrawal from Afghanistan is messy. And I’m certainly no fan of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who is weak and in way over his head (a terrible hire by Biden). I’m perfectly willing to criticize certain aspects of the Biden Administration when it has failed. But let’s not lose sight of the big picture and place the blame where it should be — on neoconservatives and all of you who cheered this war two decades ago like it was scoring a touchdown in a football game. Where’s the accountability? Blackwater got rich. Your sons and daughters died. Tens of thousands will suffer from war injuries or will struggle with PTSD for the rest of their lives. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DISASTER?

Gee, you’d think after the disaster of Vietnam, we’d learn to stay out of the civil war of another nation. But some never learn from history, do they?

Here we are. It happened again.

We told you so.


  1. As I remember it, both the left and right were in favor of moving the fight to Afghanistan and out of Iraq. Neo-cons have had little influence (thank God) for many years.


      I can show you innumerable articles from leftist publications from leftist scholars and anti-war types who warned against this. Including ME. And the ONLY protests against the war were on college campuses and some leftist intellectual circles. Including ME. The FAR LEFT was right.

      — ND

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