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Posted by on Jul 10, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

The Earth is Not a Garbage Can



Climate change isn’t off in the distant future.  It’s now.  It’s happening.


Climate change isn’t a scientific issue, it’s a moral issue.

Science is a fact. All that remains now are the imperative moral implications of our actions, or worse, our collective inaction.

We must ask ourselves what future catastrophes of our creation we’ll leave to our descendants. What species will we shrug off when they perish? How much disruption and misery becomes tolerable when mass migrations are inevitable and panic sets in?

How anyone sees either denial or complacency as the moral choice given what’s obvious reveals staggering ignorance. Treating precious natural resources as infinite commodities for plunder and profit inches the cosmic time clock of a planet’s self-destruction one millisecond closer.

The earth can no longer be treated like a garbage can.

Protecting what is precious is the only moral choice we have.

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