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Posted by on Jun 10, 2021 in Blog, What's Left | 0 comments

Thank Republicans for America’s Crumbling Infrastructure





I’ve driven across the vast I-40 bridge which spans the Mississippi River from West Memphis, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee more times than I can count. It’s one of the most important connectors between East and West in the United States.

Right now, this bridge is completely SHUT DOWN. It’s CLOSED. Imagine, closing down the George Washington Bridge in both directions. Or the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Or the Bay Area Bridge. This is the scale of disruption we are talking about here. Not just for local residents, but trucking and transportation which depends on this vital structure.

In case you didn’t hear the news, cracks in the bridge were discovered that were so severe the entire bridge was deemed to be an immediate safety hazard. Recall that a few years ago an interstate bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, killing several people. So, the Memphis bridge is shut down. Traffic is a nightmare. Drivers are going ballistic. No one knows how long this might take to fix.

One thing is certain: It takes MONEY to repair a bridge. The Trump Administration promised America an infrastructure plan, which never arrived. Over and over. False promises. LIES. Republicans controlled Congress, but then never acted. Engineers have been begging for a major infrastructure overhaul, reporting that 3,000 bridges are dangerous in the United States. Many are nearing the same conditions as the one in Memphis. It’s not too strong a statement to say that America is falling apart.

The Biden Administration and Democrats are proposing a massive infrastructure bill that will dedicate a substantial portion of the federal budget to fixing roads and bridges (and tunnels, and airports, and ports, and rail systems). THIS IS PRIORITY ONE. It’s also a bill that will allocate money to every state, regardless of partisanship. Deep red Arkansas and Tennessee would get money to pay for repairs that could solve this problem.

But now, Republicans REJECTED all infrastructure improvements. They REJECTED a large bill that was initially proposed. Then, the size of the bill was reduced by 40 percent. Biden tried to compromise with a party that refuses to do its job and govern. A smaller bill was proposed. Republicans REJECTED that, too. So, the country is paralyzed (certainly politically speaking).

Republicans bitch and complain about the costs. The costs! Of what, doing the GOVERNMENT’s JOB? Republicans complain about budget shortfalls, but a few years ago they voted to give tax cuts to the rich. A whopping $2.1 trillion in tax cuts was passed (that did nothing other than making wealthy people even wealthier). Republicans voted 51-0, FIFTY-ONE to NOTHING to cut taxes for the rich, and IGNORED the nation’s infrastructure. Now, we’re seeing the cracks (literally) in the foundations of that misguided policy.


To all those drivers living in deep-red states, especially in Arkansas and Tennessee now shaking your fists and screaming at a 3-hour traffic delay, THANK REPUBLICANS for being stuck in your car sitting in what amounts to a parking lot. Your own ignorance has CONSEQUENCES.

This is what you voted for. This is what you get.


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