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Posted by on Sep 1, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 1 comment

Texas: The Coathanger State



If there are still any doubts about the dubious intent of Republicans to STRANGULATE women’s reproductive rights, look at the appalling course of events now unfolding in Texas.


— Republicans to Texas women who get raped: “Carry that baby!!!” (new law–NO exceptions for rape)

— Republicans to Texas women who are victims of incest: “Carry that baby!!!” (new law–NO exceptions for incest)

— Republicans to Texas women who find out they’re pregnant 6 weeks and 1 day after conception: “Carry that baby!!!” (all abortions are now banned after 6 weeks, as of today)

— Republicans to any medical provider who tries to help pregnant women (many young, uneducated, and in trouble): “You are criminally liable and subject to civil lawsuits.”

Oh, but then–once that baby is born….

— Republicans to Texas infants: “You’re on your own!” “Tell mom to get a job–or two jobs!” “No healthcare!” “Pull yourself up with your bootstraps!” “Sucks to be you!”

In Texas, Roe v. Wade (oddly, the original case was a Dallas lawsuit brought in 1973 resulting in the landmark court decision) has essentially been overturned. Its state abortion laws resemble something from Uganda or what we’d expect to come from the Taliban. Oh, the bitter irony.

Republicans = Pro-life? Pro-freedom? Nope. Think again. It’s always been about control. And Republicans are not finished yet. These goons will continue to impose restrictions reminiscent of a horrid era when underprivileged women were so desperate to end unwanted pregnancies that they resorted to using coat hangers.

So, you still naively think *both* political parties are the *same*or your vote and voice don’t matter? Get involved! Vote these Neanderthals out!

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1 Comment

  1. Nolan, you’re on a roll lately. Thank you, from myself and my wife, a democratic activist and weekly Planned Parenthood volunteer, for the issues you’re supporting.

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