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Posted by on Feb 18, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 1 comment

Ted Cruz Vacations in Sunny Cancun While Texans Freeze




You wanted government deregulation, Texans?  You got it. Now, your Senator is basking in the heat on a sunny beach down in Mexico while you freeze your asses off.


While millions of Texans are shivering in freezing temperatures and burning furniture to stay warm at this moment, many trapped in miserable life-threatening conditions with no heat or food — take comfort, my freinds!

Your elected United States Senator Ted Cruz is vacationing in Cancun. Mexico where it’s 84 degrees!

Always eager to make a political issue out of suffering, Cruz has blamed renewable energy and liberal state governments for power failures in the past (see his tweet below).  Now his entire state — cut off from the rest of the country by choice due to Neanderthal good ole’ boy energy-company-fellating conservatives inTexas — is paying a ghastly life-threatening price.

Learn a lesson, people.

This is what a state gets when it DEREGULATES. This is what a state gets when it ISOLATES ITSELF. This is what a state gets when it PRIVATIZES a common need. This is what a state gets when conservatives and Republicans gut state government and state oversight boards of their authority. This is what a state gets when it leaves the needs of the people to the “free market.” You get fucked and frozen.

Texas (actually, it’s elected Republican legislature and dimwit governor) decided to cut itself off from the rest of the United States with it’s ostrich-in-the-sand leadership. Now, the rest of American can’t do anything for a state that foolishly prides itself on energy independence (which is proven to be a folly).

Meanwhile, I hope Ted brought the suntan oil. I hear that Cancun can be listering this time of year.

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  1. “Let them eat snow” Ted Cruz/

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