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Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Blog, Sports Betting | 2 comments

My First Video in 11 Months (NFL Week 2 Thoughts)




Last night in my home office, I shot a one-hour video with my thoughts on all the NFL games for Week 2.

Creating a video is an exercise in pulling together lots of information I gather during week about upcoming games and the opportunity to spew off about whatever my gut reaction tells me about each game.

There’s been some valid criticism that these videos are not of professional quality.  There are no notes, edits, or any production values whatsoever (I tried that last year — it was way too much work).  Sorry, but I simply do not have time to make a one-hour show every week on my own and spend my free hours scripting and editing.  Furthermore, forget about me giving out quick 30-second picks for sports gamblers who are lazy.  If you follow those kinds of plays, you might as well forget about trying to win money.  Proper handicapping a game takes time and requires going into detail.  If you want quick and easy , then watch the Sunday morning shows which are filled with worthless fluff and contain virtually no information related to pointspreads and totals.

For those who don’t care for the picks but just want entertainment and short rant, you can probably watch the video from the 33-minute mark forward, which is where things spin slightly out of control.


Estimated Post Time (NFL plays with write ups):  Sunday — 8 am PST

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Posted by on Aug 23, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Sports Betting | 3 comments

Las Vegas Hilton’s Annual Football Handicapping Seminar



With noted sports handicapper Teddy Sevransky, a.k.a. “Teddy Covers”


Okay, it’s not called the Las Vegas Hilton anymore.

It’s called something else.

I forgot what it is now.

Anyway, the casino that used to be known as the Las Vegas Hilton (and long before that, “The International”), hosts a football handicapping seminar every year.  This annual event used to take place at the Red Rock Casino, and was held over a two-day period.  Now, it’s been trimmed down to a single night, which lasts about four hours.  One can’t complain, since the presentation is free.  Much of the seminar is pretty good.  I figure, if I learn one thing or get a tip on a team or a game, it’s probably worth my time.

Unfortunately, the sports gambling industry is a murky business, filled with liars and con men.  It’s seedy image is a major strike against everyone who engages in sports gambling, making all efforts almost impossible to legalize what would be an enormously popular and successful pastime.

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Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in Blog, Sports Betting | 6 comments

Fucked Again by the Scrubs




Did you see that second half of the Washington Redskins-Cleveland Browns pre-season game?  It was shown tonight on Monday Night Football.

Well I, sure as shit, did.

And I took a telephone poll in the ass beast of an assfuck on a game I capped perfectly.

Listen to this.

I had the “UNDER 42” on a game where the score with a minute left in the second quarter was 3-0.

Three to fucking nothing!

Like I said — my capping was a work of art.  They should be building monuments.

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