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Posted by on Nov 9, 2013 in Blog, Rants and Raves, Sports Betting | 6 comments

My NFL “Fuck It” Specials


Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs mating




Fuck this!

Here I am working my ass off giving the public free gold, and then these bullshit games don’t turn out as they’re supposed to.

Total horseshit!  It’s so wrong.

Consider two games played last week.  Chalk up a $4,200 swing and losing my lunch to the inexplicable forces of the universe.

Recall that I touted the “UNDER 45” in the Philadelphia-Oakland game.  That should have been an absolute cakewalk.  Like minting fucking money.  Hell, I already went out and spent what I was supposed to win from that game.

So instead of winning and cashing, what really happened?  Those two piss ant offenses ended up combing to score 69 points!  There is no fucking way Philadelphia and Oakland were supposed to score anything like that.  I mean, you show me some kind of evidence where you could see Philadelphia showing up for a road game and putting up SEVEN FUCKING TOUCHDOWNS.

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