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Posted by on Jul 15, 2019 in Blog, Essays | 1 comment

What Movie Have You Seen the Most Times?




What movie have you seen the most times?

To read and/or participate, click onto the image DOWN BELOW which links directly to the Facebook discussion.

My summation of the comments, my answer, as well as the consensus opinion are listed below:

Think back to all the movies you’ve watched more than once — at the theatre, on television, and/or on demand. I presume that most of you have watched the movies you enjoy *multiple* times. I also presume the next time you’re channel surfing and accidentally stumble across your movie, you’ll stop and watch it. I do this frequently.

Name your movie, and then try your best to estimate the number of times you have seen it (at least, in part).

I have at least a dozen candidates. It’s tough to pick just one. film from so many So, I may have to think about my answer.

If you have to think about this question, then it’s likely the first answer that popped into your head is correct. That will be my pick, which I’ll post later in the thread.

Also of note — older people will have watched their movies many more times than younger people, for obvious reasons. However, one big factor is that those of us who are 45+ grew up with fewer television channels and less options. So, we were limited as to what we could watch. Accordingly, repetition was our only option.

Finally, if you want to explain WHY we do this, I’d be curious to read some answers. For instance, I would NEVER go back and watch an old sporting event I’ve seen previously. So, why do so many of us watch the same movie over and over again? It doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Everyone should have an answer. I’m eager to see which is the most popular (consensus) choice.

This is the FIFTY-FOURTH edition of A.U.C. Thanks for everyone for contributing to the discussion. Lot’s more topics to come.


More to come……



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