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Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Blog, Travel | 4 comments

Dining in Dusseldorf




Dutch food sucks.

Sorry, Holland.  Beautiful country.  Nice people.  But the local food scene is basically one Long John Silvers after another, only with unpronouncable names.

Your food choices in Holland are pretty much limited to the following choices:  Fish, fish, and more fish — and it’s all fucking fried.  Just about everything you order comes with fried potatoes topped with a giant dollap of mayonaise.  Yuck.  After staying here a week and losing a full belt loop in an unplanned fast, I’m ready to flee the country just to get a good meal.  And today that’s exactly what I did, racing towards the German border in a reverse blitzkrieg with the first authentic German restaurant as my primary target.  Hey, you know the food is lousy when you’re burning rubber towards Germany to get a decent meal.

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