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Posted by on Nov 29, 2013 in Blog, Rants and Raves | 3 comments

Boycott Black Friday!




Today is “Black Friday,” or what I call, “the Great American Stampede.”

Think of millions of buffalo storming off a cliff.

Seriously, have you seen what goes on at malls and stores?  People line up at midnight.  Why?  To go shopping!

That’s right, SHOPPING.

What are people thinking?  Or smoking?  Or snorting?  Instead, couldn’t they have gone out and bought all that shit no one needs yesterday, or last week, or last month, you know — when most of the stores were empty and you could easily find a sales associate with a smile eager to help?  What idiot wants to stand out in the cold, fight crowds, wait in long lines, and get horrible service?  Well, it appears the answer is — just about anyone with a credit card and a pulse.

Today is the worst day ever invented by humankind.  It’s a capitalist conspiracy designed to stir the masses into a buying frenzy.  It’s an outlandish marketing campaign intended to drive more Americans further into debt.  It’s the third-world slave labor employment act.

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Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in Blog, Sports Betting | 1 comment

The Washington Redskins Team Name Should Be Changed


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BISON FLINT, SD (Nov. 26) — Calls for the Washington Redskins to change their team name grew considerably more vocal this week, as several Native-American Indian tribes put aside centuries of bitter hostilities for the first time and bonded together, demanding that the National Football League franchise immediately replace the team’s controversial mascot.

Organized by the Black Cliff Indian Nation Chief “Donnie” Whitefeather, who works the graveyard shift as a pit boss at the Dry River Casino, several tribes issued what they call an “emergency resolution” hoping to get the team to change their name.

“We’re absolutely fed up with being associated with this team,” Whitefeather fumed.  “The Redskins are an absolute embarrassment to the heritage and tradition of our proud people.  I mean, did you see that fucking fiasco last Monday night?

Whitefeather alluded to a horrific performance by the dreadful last-place team, a humiliating 27-6 loss at home to the San Francisco 49ers.  In that game, the Redskins compiled just 147 total net offensive yards, their worst output in 12 years.

“I tried to watch the whole game on TV, but I couldn’t make it all the way to the end,” Whitefeather added.  “I had to shut it off in disgust in the fourth quarter because I couldn’t take the pain anymore.  You’d think those miserable shits could at least cover the six-point spread, especially given the 49er’s injury situation.  Hell, they even blew my parlay with the under by three touchdowns!”

The Redskins have called the Washington, D.C.-area home since being founded back in 1932.  For many years, American Indian tribes across the country relished the association of having a team named in their honor, especially one based in the nation’s capital.  Indeed, when the Redskins were a winning franchise, team memorabilia enjoyed its strongest sales in areas populated by citizens of American Indian decent.  But ever since bombastic boy owner Daniel Snyder took over the team in 1993, popularity has steadily declined everywhere as the Redskins have floundered at the bottom of the NFC East, disappointing anyone idiotic enough to root for the gutless team, from mayors to crack addicts (sometimes one and the same in D.C.).

Meanwhile, a similar movement is underway elsewhere to change the team name of yet another NFL franchise.  On Monday, residents of the nation’s second most populous state took to the streets and rioted, insisting that the dismal performance of the 2-9 team bearing their name had brought “deep shame” to the 26 million residents of the Lone Star State.

Officials with the Houston Texans were unavailable for comment.



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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Blog, Movie Reviews | 0 comments

Movie Review: Wadjda




Every so often a movie comes along which may have the power to change things.

Wadjda is such a movie.

Undoubtedly one of the boldest and bravest films made in recent memory, Wadjda is the first movie ever shot entirely on location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — a country where, baffling as it sounds, no public movie theaters exist.  READ MORE HERE

Shooting a movie in a nation where the Koran stands as the law of the land required extraordinary risks, even acts of human bravery.  Even more so for the film’s director, an amazing woman named Haifaa Al Mansour.

Yes, a woman.

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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Blog, Essays, Politics | 2 comments

Are Sports Destroying American Schools?




This month’s The Atlantic magazine features a devastating cover story on the current state of American education.

The article titled “The Case Against High-School Sports,” written by Amanda Ripley, makes a convincing case that our education system is spiraling downward fast.  The reasons have little to do with the makeup of students or teachers.  The real culprit, Ripley insists, is the allocation of way too many resources toward sports rather than academics.

Indeed, many educators have been complaining about this for years.  Only now, do we begin seeing the troubling repercussions of a society that places far more emphasis on (and values more) what happens on the football field or basketball court, rather than inside the lab or classroom.

By any measuring stick, American students are lagging behind the rest of the modern world, and the problem is getting worse.  Statistics on this are irrefutable.  So what makes American schools different from, let’s say, schools in Denmark, India, or South Korea?  American education’s decline can’t be explained simply by the increasing impact of advancing technologies, since all developed nations (and their young people) pretty much have access to the same interactive instruments, including computers and smart devices.  It also can’t explained by what conservatives often refer to as “the breakdown of the family,” since divorce rates in other nations (and by consequence single-parent households) are about the same per capita in other nations as in the United States.


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Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Blog, Politics | 6 comments

Sheldon Adelson Becomes Dr. Strangelove



Las Vegas’ village idiot is at it again.

Normally, the rantings of a crazy buffoon wouldn’t be newsworthy.  But in this case, the village idiot happens to be a rich man worth billions.  He also runs a vast gambling empire.  So, that gives him special perks and privileges.  People listen to his rants and even write down what he has to say, no matter how illogical or inflammatory.

In case you missed the latest, Sheldon Adelson wants the United States to attack Iran.  Wait, it gets worse.  With a nuclear weapon!

He’s not joking.

Just what we need, another bloody and costly military conflict and the potential start of World War III, not to mention one of the most immoral crimes in the history of humanity.  Have a nice day.

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