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Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Travel | 8 comments

America’s Best and Worst Major Airports




Just in time for the holiday travel season, here’s my list of America’s best and worst major airports.

Note that consideration was given only to large airports, which means either destinations which handle lots of traffic or hubs which handle millions of transfers.

Smaller regional airports such as Burbank, West Palm Beach, Providence, Long Beach, Dallas Love Field, and others were not graded.  These airports tend only to be end-point destinations for most flights.

The key factors used in my rankings were — general airport condition (age/renovations), convenience to city, cost-availability of transportation to city center, chances of delays (weather based), ease of plane-to-plane transfers, comfort and amenities (restaurants, WiFi, etc.), cleanliness, and my own highly-subjective travel experiences.

Also, in order to make either list, I had to have personally visited or flown through the airport.

Here’s the best and worst American airports:

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