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Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Personal | 1 comment

Poker Etiquette, Jack Daniels Style




Introduction:  What an honor to be quoted so extensively at one of the premier go to sources in journalism.  No, not The Wall Street Journal.  Not The Washington Post.  Not even the Chicago Tribune.  I’m talking about the official Jack Daniels website, of course.


A writer from the Jack Daniels website called me up recently and wanted to know something about poker etiquette.

The sour irony that the widespread popularity of the writer’s own product has been at least partially responsible for the subversion of etiquette in more social gatherings than just poker games wasn’t entirely lost on me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy an occasional drink, now and then, and relish the prospect of an open bottle of Jack Daniels and several shot glasses strewn out across the green felt of any table.  I say, deal the cards and let the free pouring begin.

That said, the cozy bond between your typical friendly poker game and the consumption of an adult beverage remains unbroken.  Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail while playing cards among friends?  Even within professional poker circles including high-stakes games, I’ve always thought the cause-effect relationship between drinking and poor play was a bit overstated.

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Posted by on Jan 2, 2015 in Blog, Essays | 1 comment

How to Tell If You’re Owned by Your Cat




“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god.  Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.”

― Christopher Hitchens (The Portable Atheist:  Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever)


How many of you own a cat?

Well, I do.  In fact, I own two of them.

But wait.  Do we really own these finicky felines?  It’s goes more like this…our cats actually own us.  If you’re a cat person or have ever taken care of one for any length of time, you know this to be true.

Here are 25 ways to tell that you’re owned by your cat:

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Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Blog, Personal | 2 comments

My Pet Bed Review




Our oldest cat needs a new pet bed.

At age 13, Alex is a senior now.  So, he has special needs.  He’s what we call a special needs cat.

Unfortunately, we can’t ask Alex his opinion about which type of pet bed he prefers.  Soft or firm?  Cotton or foam?  Circle or square?

The only sound he makes is “meow,” which in cat language basically means one of three things:

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Posted by on Jan 12, 2014 in Blog, What's Left | 1 comment

What the Elephant Sees




“I don’t know who was the first person to put the chains on, but I’m glad to be the last one to take them off.”

So says the caring animal caretaker in this wonderfully powerful video of two former circus elephants named Shirley and Jenny.  They’ve finally been released after two decades of captivity, having spent most of their lives in what must have been prison cell for animals of their intelligence and size.

Now, they’re retired and free to live out what remains of their years in a sanctuary.  Together again, after 25 years apart.

Freedom isn’t just a human struggle.  It’s also a humanitarian one.

An elephant never forgets.

Watch the 7-minute video below, or click the link HERE:


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