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Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Blog, Politics | 58 comments

Taking Aim at Gun Magazine Pornography




We’ve all heard that print journalism is in serious trouble.

Americans no longer read, unless it’s a text message.  Newspapers are cutting back.  Magazines are shutting down.  Even major bookstores are now closing.

Yet when it comes to giving red, white, and blue flag-waving — pickup truck driving — Coors drinking — immigrant-bashing — Obama hating —  right-wing American citizenry the latest news and tantalizing gossip about guns and ammunition, let’s just say the market has this subject pretty well covered.  The only thing missing is a new television show, Housewives of Nashville — Packing Heat. 

Indeed, I was getting worried that guns weren’t getting nearly enough attention in our society.  With all the murders, handgun accidents, cases of domestic violence, police shootings, and so forth happening in everyday America (yesterday, a 9-year-old girl accidentally blew someone away in Arizona with an Uzi), who’s got time to contemplate the latest review on the new Glock 3D SF which is about to hit the streets?

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Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Blog, Personal, Travel | 4 comments

In a North Dakota State of Mind



North Dakota Short Stories.

Until recently, five miles had been the closest that I’d ever come to being in North Dakota.

Five miles — as in 35,000 feet high.

And why would I ever go to North Dakota?  Nothing against the fine people of that proud red-state voting, red-eat meating giant walk-in outdoor freeezer, but as far as I was concerned that territory might as well be called South Saskatchewan.  Or Mongolia.

If there’s a lesson to be learned about how our perceptions often do (and should) change over time, it’s that exposure to something you know nothing about often makes you gain an appreciate for it.  Except for Anthrax and FOX News, of course.

Fulfilling this pedestrian philosophical prophesy, days ago I penned the following narrative on what it’s like to stay in Downtown Fargo for a whole week.  Read “FARGO” here.

What I didn’t reveal to you then are a few of the many things that surprised me about North Dakota.  Did you know that:

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