Nolan Dalla

Sinema’s Switch




Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s switch from “Democratic” to “Independent” party affiliation has sparked discussion, and some outrage. I’d like to offer my alternative perspective.


While I’ve been hugely disappointed in Sinema’s voting record and the positions she’s taken, in the broadest political context, this switch in allegiances is a good thing.

One metric I’ve tried to apply to all decisions connected to political activism is more of a question — what would happen if EVERYONE DID IT? It stems from an old moral and ethical aphorism. For instance, tossing garbage out the window of a moving car might not make much difference. But what if everyone did it? And, picking up a rusty tin can from the road might not make much difference. But again, what if everyone did it? See, that’s the needle.

So…..what would happen if *every* United States Senator switched from a party affiliation to “Independent?” I theorize this would be fantastic!

Many of us despise the stranglehold of the stifling two-party system, which limits our choices and often gives us bad candidates, and even worse leaders. The two-party system is a disgrace, and an anathema to true democracy. It is, in fact, two power-sharing authoritarian regimes operating as one, complicit in the tribal servitude of followers, and in a real sense a duality of dictatorships.

I’d love to see 100 INDEPENDENT Senators and 435 INDEPENDENT congressional representatives. Short of that impossibility, I’d be pleased with 10+ or 20+ functioning parties from all over the political spectrum, just as we see in actual parliamentary democracies that function effectively around the world where leaders are forced to compromise and work together to solve common problems. Gee, wouldn’t that be nice?

[Oh, and please stop with America’s political system being superior to other nations. It’s not–just open your eyes.]

Let me add that Democrats are generally speaking far more open to Independent-minded thinking and behavior, as validated by THREE current Senators (B. Sanders, A. King, and now K. Sinema) aligning themselves outside of the conventional mainstream party establishment Such a thing simply wouldn’t be possible in today’s lockstep Republican Party. Just look at what Republicans did to punish and destroy Liz Cheney and others who challenged mainstream orthodoxy. Quod erat demonstrandum.

So, this is a minor flesh wound to Democrats. But it’s a good thing politically in a macro-sense, and for the country.

We need far MORE independents. Not fewer. Hopefully, other elected leaders will follow in future years to come, but I doubt this will happen given the crushing weight and power of the two-party system.


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