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Posted by on Jul 24, 2021 in Blog, Personal, Politics, Rants and Raves | 1 comment

Scattershooting: Ten Random Thoughts





(1) STOP THE SPRAWL — I just read Las Vegas is expected to grow by another 800,000 new residents in the next 10 years. This leads me to ask — what the fuck! Why is ANY new federal land being released for local development? Where is the water going to come from? This is public policy SUICIDE. Do we really need another 350,000+ cars packing the valley, millions of additional toilets flushing, and another 5,000 fast-food joints? PUT A MORATORIUM ON ALL DEVELOPMENT OUTSIDE CURRENT CITY BOUNDARIES RIGHT NOW! No new BLM land should be released on the cheap to out-of-state land-robber barons and corporate developers who don’t give a flying assfuck about this city or the residents. The ONLY development allowed should be on existing city land. Period! We’ll worry about “growing” after we settle the air and water crisis if that ever happens.

(2) THE NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY — More than half the people bitching about the Cleveland “Indians” changing the team name can’t name a single player on the roster and haven’t watched a major league baseball game in more than 20 years.

(3) CUBA IN PROPER PERSPECTIVE — The poor perplexed souls who claim Cuba is the example of a failed “socialist economy” have to explain why the Dominican Republic is just as poor and Haiti is much worse. Both of those Caribbean nations are similar in size to Cuba — they basically have capitalist economies — and neither has been strangled by a crippling U.S. trade embargo for 70+ years (which totally failed in its political objective). Let’s place an international embarge on those nations and then see how bad things get. Lesson: It’s not socialism, stupid.

(4) NETFLIX — This past month’s television viewing and recommendations:

Netflix shows to watch: Never Have I Ever (clever comedy series about Indian-American teenager growing up in modern LA); Lenox Hill (real hospital insider series, reality TV and no fakery); Cat People (because we love cats), Dogs (because we love dogs); Halston (Ewan McGregor nails it in this graphic bio-epic of the late fashion maven); Sophie a Murder in West Cork (surprisingly good real crime docudrama);
–Netflix shows to skip: Manifest (why this ranks #1 on Netflix is baffling, it’s horribly written and falls apart midway into Season 1), How to Become a Tyrant (weak, repetitive, wasted potential); Naomi Osaka (I tried to watch, I really tried–think of a fawning documentary on Tiger Woods, only in a skirt and with a racket)
–Netflix shows (meh): Heist (three shows on real criminal heists — somewhat interesting, but also inaccurate by some accounts); Meditation: A Guide to Sleep (it worked! the show put me to sleep)

(5) BARRACK MAKES BAILAnother Trump scumbag, Tom Barrack, faces serious criminal charges and probably will end up doing country club prison time. Shocker huh, that someone so close to the former president might end up as a felon. Yeah, just shocking.

(6) CALL IT THE SUPERDOME–END OF STORY — How come Caesars Entertainment (eg. Caesars Palace) gets to walk away and be cleared from a whopping $18 BILLION in corporate debts after skating free in bankruptcy courts, has been run into the ground by horrid executive management, is littered with run-down casinos and hotel properties (90 percent of which desperately need renovation)……….and yet somehow they can squirrel up $138 million for the “naming rights” to the Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints? I guess “Enron” wasn’t bidding on this one.  Note to the State of Louisiana: Get the money upfront, Caesars has a long history of making terrible decisions and stuffing creditors.

(7) VACCINE VOODOO — Watching Republicans and conservatives initially self-imploding and now groveling like truffle pigs plowing through a forest after months and months of mass deception and mindless propaganda against COVID vaccines is NOT enlightenment nor courageous. Rather, it’s cowardly and it’s way too late. Watching the Alabama Gov. (Kay Ivey) finally wake up from her silver slumber and announce she’s FOR vaccines is like watching her blow out 80 candles on her birthday cake once she’s dead.  Gee, maybe in a few more months (or years) these Trump-licking, ball-gagged, cucks might finally admit Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election. Hey, one fantasy at a time. Baby steps, I guess.

(8) IT’S A TEAM GAME — Speaking of COVID, I’m thrilled the usual evil NFL is imposing a new “forfeit rule” this coming year. If a team can’t field a roster due to COVID, well, too damn bad. It’s counted as a forfeit. The opponent is given the victory. I LOVE this. It incentivizes EVERYONE to stay safe and act smart (and get the vaccine). And then, if a team loses a few starters, so what? That’s what second- and third-stringers are for. If half the team is out, then play the other 25 players. It’s a TEAM game, folks. Play the game as long as 11 able bodies can somehow be found. Otherwise, it’s a forfeit. Great policy. Too bad the NFL can’t also impose vaccine requirements on ALL fans in attendance. Now, that would really be GREAT.

(9) LET’S QUARANTINE IGNORANCE — Okay one more thing about COVID restrictions and another schadenfreude moment. It’s time to clamp down on all the deniers and death enablers. These are morons. Treat them as such. Punish them with a mass social quarantine.  Start banning these science-denying, conspiracy-slinging imbeciles at ANY public activity. Just do it. And if they show up for work unvaccinated thus posing a risk to innocents, fire their asses. Quit fucking around. We tried the carrot, now it’s STICK TIME.

(10) GIMME’ SHELTER — Sadly, Las Vegas animal shelters are now mostly full, and a few are even over-capacity. I don’t get this, people. Help me understand. Spaying and neutering a pet can be done at some places for the cost of a lunch. If animal owners can’t spay and neuter their pets, they should be somehow forced to perform community service work inside an animal shelter to experience the pain and horror of their laziness and indifference. If I see another poor neglected momma’ cat comes in with a newborn litter of 8 kittens and dropped at the shelter, I’m going to scream.

Thanks for reading! Have a pleasant day, my friends!

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  1. With all the time you must spend on NetFlix, I don’t know how you come up with these rants — but keep ’em coming!

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