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Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame (Class of 2023) — Each Nominee, Yes? or No?



On 15 February 2023, I hosted a discussion on Zoom which was broadcast on Facebook Live.

The panel included Earl Burton; Bex Lynn (Becca Kerl); Jeremy Sand; and Matt Lessinger.

We talked about history and induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  We also debated whether “rock n’ roll” means anything, anymore.  The main feature was a YES or NO vote on each of this year’s nominees:

Kate Bush
Missy Elliott
George Michael
Sheryl Crow
A Tribe Called Quest
Iron Maiden
Joy Division/New Order
Willie Nelson
Cyndi Lauper
Rage Against the Machine
The Spinners
The White Stripes
Warren Zevon

We closed our discussion with this question: Which ONE person/band that is not on this list and hasn’t been inducted yet SHOULD be in the RRHOF?

The Facebook Live broadcast feed attracted 300+ viewers and many comments.  So, I also posted this to, where it might be seen by a wider audience.

CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH.  (Duration: 90 minutes)

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