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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Blog, Politics | 3 comments

The Real Losers in the 2012 Presidential Election

Las Vegas Billionaire Sheldon Adelson


Aside from President Obama and former Gov. Romney, there were several other winners and losers in Tuesday’s election.

Most are obvious.

Some are less so.

Here are the biggest losers of all, listed in no particular order:


Note:  This is Part 2.  The first part contained at least one glaring ommission, which was pointed out to me by poker pro Adam Junglen.  I undoubtedly should have mentioned statistician and writer Nate Silver — who nailed the election results with his forecast.  Aside from forgetting Silver, the biggest winners can be seen here:  THE BIGGEST WINNERS IN THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION



1.  Karl Rove and American Crossroads (PAC) — These buffoons blew a whopping $80 million in a losing cause.  EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS!  Former Bush hatchet-man Karl Rove (who’s vastly overrated as a political strategist) scrambled around the country for a year, promising wealthy donors that with their money funding his discretionary torpedo campaign he’d be able wipe out President Obama.  One wealthy donor was reportedly duped into forking over $19 million for Rove and his cronies to blow.  After the election, Rove took no responsibility for his failure.  He even had the audacity to blame President Obama’s victory on “voter suppression.”  The man has no shame, and obviously no character.

2.  Dick Morris — How does this ass joker still have a job as a political analyst?  Worse, who takes anything he says seriously?  The disgraced hooker-hiring FOX News pundit boldly predicted a Mitt Romney victory using his own models.  He repeatedly cited mainstream polling organizations as flawed and biased.  Well, look who turned out to be correct.  In fact, the election really wasn’t even as close as many were predicting.  Credibility completely shot, who knows where Morris will leech next.  Oh well, every circus needs a clown.

3.  Comedians — Let’s face it.  Comedians need an easy inviting target with flaws.  Whether it was Bill Clinton or George W. Bush comedians have had a lot to work with the last few decades.  But, it’s not quite as easy to turn Barack Obama into a punch line (aside from some right wingers who try — Dennis Miller probably being the best of a small group).  Not sure if Mitt Romney would have been a favorite comedy topic.  But there isn’t a lot one can do with President Obama, and what might be tempting as punch lines probably won’t rest well with a majority of Americans.  Perhaps Dick Morris can turn to comedy as a new career with his searing political analysis.

4.  Sheldon Adelson — America’s second most evil man (edged out by the utterly detestable Donald Trump) blew $40 million of his casino wad, which is probably a month’s pay.  He bankrolled a stream of losers and failed causes — from Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney.  Once his role as the election’s single biggest donor was disclosed publicly, many people resented Adelson’s meddling.  Some also find his steadfast position against online gambling and poker to be ridiculously hypocritical for a billionaire casino operator.  Fortunately, Adelson’s perverse political war chest didn’t matter.  Whether bombarding the airwaves with utterly forgettable pro-Newt Gingrich ads or financing PACs that targeted President Obama, there’s absolutely no evidence that Adelson’s money or opinion had any impact whatsoever on the election.  If anything, he may have actually hurt his two favored candidates.  Maybe there is a God, after all.

5.  Tea Party — The faction within the Tea Party movement that’s driven by strict fiscal conservatism (and little else) needs to find a new set of political playmates.  Wackos are detracting from what should be a very real and serious debate about the national debt.  The flag-waving lunatics who pretty much believe President Obama is the anti-Christ enjoyed some success in the 2010 midstream elections.  Tea Party leaders even went so far as to take full credit for Republicans winning back control of the House.  But their extremism and support for far-right candidates seriously wounded some Republican moderates in this year’s primaries, costing at least two winnable Senate seats.  The Tea Party — almost exclusively White and Christian — plays to a base that’s steadily losing political power in America.  Until Republicans realize this, they will continue to lose presidential elections.

6.  Hillary Clinton — I still regret not supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primary.  I continue to believe should would have made a better President than Obama.  Many liberals I’ve talked to (secretly) feel the same way.  That could set up another presidential run for Clinton in the 2016 race. But she insists she will not be a candidate.  No doubt, had Romney won this election, the voices within the Democratic Party would have grown louder in support of a Clinton run in 2016.  But as it turns out, if she runs four years from now it would be on the unenviable coattails of eight long years of an Obama agenda, and her message will largely be diluted.  Moreover, Clinton will reportedly step down as Secretary of State in the near future which now casts her out of power for the first time in twenty years (First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State).

7.  Major Television Networks (News Divisions) — Once upon a time ABC, CBS, and NBC were the big three in delivering news and largely shaping American public opinion.  Those days are now long gone.  Today, most Americans gravitate to other networks if they watch TV at all (the Internet and social media are fast becoming popular alternatives).  Conservatives mostly flock to FOX News, which gets the highest ratings since it’s target makes up about a third of the entire electorate.  MSNBC draws a much smaller number, mostly comprised of liberal-minded voters.  Then, there’s CNN which did a stellar job this past election.  CNN’s breakdown of the voting numbers by county and overall analysis blew away every other major network.  So, with more committed politically-minded voters divided between FOX, MSNBC, and CNN which cater to political junkies, that leaves the old big three to fight for the scraps — which is a soft audience.  Furthermore, most of the big three election coverage was dreadful causing one to wonder how much longer they can remain major players in the business of television news.

8.  Social Conservatives — The issues which unite many Republicans tend to scare off moderates and independents.  Consider that all three ballot measures to legalize same-sex marriage passed this time around, the first time in history such initiates have received a majority vote at the state level.  Even marijuana legalization was approved in one state.   With younger voters tending to skew more liberal on social issues, combined with America’s increasing ethnic diversity, old-fashioned “values” on abortion, gay marriage, gambling, and other lightening rods repel more voters than they attract.  Social conservatives are going to have a very tough time convincing fellow Republicans that wrapping candidates in these outdated positions is a practical strategy for victory anywhere outside the American South.

9.  Neoconservatives — The detestable zealots which dragged this nation into two decade-long wars, one under false pretenses, has now totally been repudiated.  They have nowhere left to go.  Mitt Romney reportedly had two dozen former Bush foreign policy advisers in his camp, no doubt chomping at the bit to get one last chance to move into controls at the State Department and Department of Defense.  Now, they’ll all be scurrying around the inner Beltway desperately looking for jobs with thank tanks, hoping to spread their poison parading as “pseudo-foreign policy experts.”  Once they’re all gone, this will likely be looked upon at America’s greatest victory — ridding these chicken hawks out of positions of power.

10.  The South — Based on political voting patterns, the Old Confederacy hasn’t changed very much.  How’s it possible that the Old South has voted identically for the past 150 years?  While remarkable progress has been made throughout the South since the mid-1960s, especially on matters of race and equality, old ways of thinking seem to continue to dominate the political landscape.  Sadly, while every other state in the nation has occasionally broken predictable voting patterns, the South seems to be stuck in a time warp.  This can’t be good for a region of the country that is increasingly looked to by the rest of the world as a laughingstock.


  1. Um, the American people? Seriously, Nolan. You keep forgetting the most obvious entries on your lists.

  2. nolan, another big loser was wrestling czarina linda mcmahon, who has now spent some $100 million of her own money while losing two senate races in two years in the nutmeg state … each time by at least twelve points!

    the hartford courant (the oldest continuously-published newspaper in the united states) notes that mcmahon is part of the ranks of meg whitman, carly fiorina and ross perot as multi-millionaire candidates who have never held elective office, who incorrectly thought they could buy an election.

    the only reason why the mittster doesn’t make this list is because, before he reversed all of his so-called true beliefs, he did win one election in massachusetts.

  3. Nolan,
    I think you nailed it with your list of losers. There are others of course — Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and the like. What strikes me about this political post is how much we allign. I never knew. Nice to have an ideological ally with as gifted a wit and tongue as you! Keep it up brother.

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