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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Blog, Politics | 3 comments

Will Those Who Praised George W. Bush For “Keeping Us Safe” Now Give the Same Credit to President OBAMA?


You remember the line of bullshit.

“Well, at least President Bush kept us safe.”

In 2004, that line pretty much summed up George W. Bush’s re-election slogan.  He ran a presidential campaign based entirely on fear — and it worked.  The slogan later became Bush’s swan song when he left office, since there wasn’t much else to brag about during eight years of crony capitalism, unless pushing the economy to the brink of depression deserves mention.

Indeed, at least President Bush could make one bold claim, which was — “he kept us safe.”

We won’t spend too much time here, citing the obvious white elephant taking a dump on simple logic.  Recall, the worst attack on America since Pearl Harbor happened on President Bush’s watch.  Accordingly, for anyone to suggest the former president “kept the nation safe” brings to mind the absurd imposition hypothetically posed to Mary Todd Lincoln on the night of her husband’s assassination at Ford’s Theatre.  “Other than the gunshot blast to your husband’s temple, Mrs. Lincoln — did you enjoy the play?”

The slogan was a major Republican talking point for years.  First, it was used in 2004 to sway independent voters from gravitating towards Democrat John Kerry.  Then, Republicans adopted the same approach again in 2008, insisting then-candidate Barack Obama would be a dangerous choice for America.  Republicans did everything short of running a mushroom cloud ad to instill fear in voters.

Go back and read the massive volume of interviews conducted with two key people — former Vice President Dick Cheney and former presidential advisor Karl Rove — back in 2008-09.  It’s pathetic.  From listening to these two partisan blowhards, one expected that President Obama was on the brink of ushering in a whole new wave of domestic terrorist attacks on American citizens by our enemies.

Well, now.  Here we are — nearly four years later.


Let’s look at the scoreboard, shall we?

Number of Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil (January 2009 to date) — 0

Number of American Citizens Killed on President Obama’s Watch — 0

Do you detect a pattern here?

Excuse me, Dick.  Excuse me, Karl.  Can you tally up those American deaths you warned us about since President Obama took office?  Go ahead, take your time.  We’ll wait.

This now begs a serious question.  Will any of the fearmongers who trumpeted President Bush’s grand “accomplishment” and blasted President Obama as a “dangerous” choice for America now step forward and admit at least one thing — THAT THEY WERE COMPLETELY WRONG?

Of course not.

Intellectual honesty and consistency are rare traits in the Republican Party these days.  Rare to the point of being non-existent.

Say what you want about President Obama and his mixed record during his first term.  I’m as disappointed as anyone with the results of his domestic agenda.  But for all of my leftist ideas, at least I’ll acknowledge where and when I think we go wrong.  I’ll also call out our leaders who I believe are a horrible respresentations of what progressives should stand for.  But that’s a debate for another time.

Whether Republicans like it or not (and they don’t seem to like much of anything when it just so happens to be good for BOTH President Obama and the country), the current President has a pretty strong record on national security through his first three-and-a-half years in office.  He has an even better record on foreign policy.  Moreover, I would call his record stellar.

But tangible accomplishments don’t matter to some people.  We know those who praised President Bush for his record on terrorism will never give an inch of respect to President Obama for doing an even better job on matters of national security.


Answer:  No.  Of course not.



  1. A point of no return is fast approaching that will save everyone a great deal of political angst. A soon as a majority of the electorate get government benefits they will be able to vote as a block to increase their benefits over time. That’s when it’s Game Over, everyone can relax.

  2. What hurts Democrats is that they are so batshit crazy that they insist on portraying Republicans as the worst possible baby-eating, knuckle-dragging homophobic, clean-air hating, racist mother fuckers that ever existed.

    Generally speaking Republicans are easy-to-get-along-with, church going, family people that want a clean environment for their children and really don’t really care what people do in their own bedrooms. That’s just reality. There are exceptions, as there are fucking crazy Marxist, communist ridiculous Democrats that want everything in the USA to be state owned.

    Rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth Democrats seldom acknowledge that they are generally directing their hatred and invective at Joe-average American in Wichita, Kansas that is working hard to support his family of four, and instead like to pretend that every Republican is Sean Hannity.

  3. Republicans don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms? Wasn’t Bush the one who signed off on the Safe Ports act that included the legislation that eventually led to the demise of online poker in the US? But I see your point since I played online poker in my study instead of my bedroom…

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