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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Blog, Personal | 2 comments

Pervert Alert — Unidentified Man Stalking Women’s Restroom



This is a public service announcement.

Be on the lookout for a sick pervert in the habit of trolling women’s restrooms.

He was recently photographed on Thursday at noon in the tiny desert town of Shoshone, California at a Chevron gas station.  The perverted man appeared shocked just as he was caught in the act of leaving a women’s restroom.  Check out the look on his face.  This disgusting man is clearly guilty of immoral acts, and perhaps worse.

This man is a danger to society.  He remains at large and was last seen headed in the direction of Las Vegas.


  1. You ??

    No, no, no, NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Talking of pervert warnings
    arch sceptic james randi, has been exposed as a long term abuser of young boys, the daily beacon had a large article where it showed visits to kincra boys home barnabus house and several boys homes in the usa the amazing james randi is now being called the disgusting james randi.
    randi whose real name is randall Zwingler, wanted to be a rabbi
    but after being blackmailed by rockefeller to discredit alternative health and psychics, he took their pay checks
    Incidentally rockefeller spends millios on psychic research at various venues round the world

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