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Posted by on Nov 7, 2018 in Blog, Essays, Politics | 4 comments

Nevada Blue and Proud



I’m so damned proud of Nevada this morning.

Last night, the citizens of my great state…..

— dumped Senator Spineless (Trump’s do-nothing, indecisive, invisible flunky, Dean Heller lost)

— dealt Danny Tarkanian a 7th straight election loss (Hint:  It’s time to retire from politics, Son)

— rejected Right-wing extremist Republican candidate Adam Laxalt for Governor.

— repudiated Sheldon-Adelson and his LVRJ rag-backed NV energy referendum (solar won over the deregulation crowd who wants to do another Enron on the people of Nevada)

— expanded the rights of all voters with easier access to registration.

…..all by SIZABLE margins.





  1. And elected a deceased brother owner 🙂

  2. LOL…I tried to stop that from posting…was supposed to be:

    And elected a deceased brothel owner LOL

  3. Nolan, I disagree with you on one point. You’re completely wrong about Danny Tarkanian. It’s absolutely *not* time for Danny Tarkanian to retire from politics. Danny, if you’re listening, *please* run against Sissolak for governor or against Cortez Masto for Senate in 2022. Or you could run against Lee in 2020. Or both! I mean you were close, you were really close this time out. If just a couple of breaks had gone your way, who knows what would have happened. Come on, man, give it another shot. You’re due!

    • MY REPLY:

      This is terrific. I withdraw my previous comment. “RUN DANNY BOY, RUN!”

      Better yet, get his lunatic wife on the ballot.

      — ND

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