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Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Blog, Personal, Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments

Mexican Food — North Dakota Style


mango's mexican food fargo

Mango’s Mexican restaurant, west of Fargo, North Dakota — terrible sign but great food


I love this place!

Who’d guess there’s a terrific Mexican restaurant in North Dakota?

Well, there is.  It’s called Mango’s.


That’s right, frozen North Dakota — a prairie known for grazing bison and hidden nuclear missile silos.  Let’s not forget Fargo either — although both movie and television series actually takes place in neighboring Minnesota.

Mango’s Mexican & American Grill, just west of downtown Fargo, is the best Mexican restaurant I’ve enjoyed in at least ten years.

Forget all the mediocre joints littering the Las Vegas landscape — and I’ve tried them all — Mango’s makes the best authentic Mexican fare I’ve tasted in a very long time.

Last night’s dinner began with a freshly-made guacamole salad.  Then, I wolfed down three steaming beef enchiladas smothered in green chili sauce with beans and rice on the side.  Plus a crispy taco.  The kicker was a 24-ounce margarita that flowed down my throat like a raging river.  Add one iced tea (because I never drink alcohol with food).  The dinner entree cost was — now get this — a whopping $8.95.  Even with all the extras, I still got out the door for just over $20, with the tip.  That’s a helluva bargain.  It was like stealing, except I didn’t need a gun and a ski mask.

From the outside, Mango’s looks like a total dive.  But you can usually trust food quality when the parking lot is jam-packed and there’s a waiting list.  That’s often the case with Mango.  However, I’ll admit one thing — the sign out front needs some serious work.  That funky sign is a real turn-off.  You try and decipher what in the hell the daily special is — because I sure can’t.

Doesn’t matter.

I joined some friends at the restaurant for dinner who all ordered the house drink special.  This consists of a giant margarita, bombed with a full bottle of cold beer (you get to chose your beer).  Some of my friends ordered Coronas.  The harder-core went for Negra Modelo.  How anyone can walk and talk after all that beer, margaritas, and great food is a mystery.  These North Dakota people are made of iron.

Mango’s was so good, I’m going back there again tonight.

Fuck my special diet and snobbish ways.  Great Mexican food like this comes along once every ten years.

PS — I guess I better order some more towels.


Here’s how the locals drink — Mexican beer poured straight into a giant margarita

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