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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Blog, World Series of Poker | 0 comments

Congratulations to Matt Matros — Winner of The Washington Post’s Election Prediction Contest

Matt Matros Wins Third WSOP Gold Bracelet


If you’re a serious poker player or fan of the game, then you probably already know the name — Matt Matros.

He’s won three World Series of Poker gold bracelets.  I was privileged enough to be at tableside with him during each one of them.

Matros’ specialty is Limit Hold’em.  But he masters just about any game that’s based on numbers and percentages.  He’s also extraordinarily gifted as a writer — having written at least one book (I believe he’s just finished another, which is a work of fiction).

I knew Matros before he was somewhat famous.  When I resided in Washington, DC — Matros contacted me out of the blue because he was looking for a poker game to play in, and he figured I might know the local scene.  Matros wrote about that experience and the game he ultimately found in his excellent book titled, The Education of a Poker Player.

I don’t do very well at making predictions.  But I knew one thing the first time I met Matros — an initial instinct confirmed by more conversations and e-mail exxchanges with the Yale graduate, who now lives in New York City.  And that was Matros was considerably smarter than me, and no doubt far more disciplined in just about everything he does.  But he’s never one to behave as though that’s the case, with anyone.  Matros initially thought he might learn something from me when contacting me about poker years ago, perhaps as someone a little older and more experienced in the business.  But the more I have gotten to know Matros, I’m the one who has become the dedicated student.

Matros is now using his considerable talents to try and teach others more about the nuts and bolts of what he does — which is to make investments based on his knowledge and instincts.  Not to gamble.  But to invest.  Matros is a proud of what he does for a living, as he should be.  But others still don’t quite get it.  So a few months ago, he penned a fantastic guest editorial for The Washington Post, which can be seen here:  MATT MATROS IN THE WASHINGTON POST

Matros just won a prestigious contest at the same newspaper — correctly predicting the recent election results.  Although this is a terrible article in my opinion (very poorly written and researched — at one point the writer calls Matros a “card sharp”), it does provide a basic overview of Matros’ successes, out-performing many of the best political minds in the country at their own game.

The best part of the article are Matro’s direct quotes, especially when he says, “I’m not an expert at politics, I’m an expert at betting.  That’s far more important.”

The full article can be seen and read here:  MATT MATROS WINS OUTLOOK’S CRYSTAL BALL

Matros’ comments underscore the reality that so-called “experts” all too often get things wrong.  By contrast, Matros looks at things differently.  His proven success and subsequent willingness to share his opinions publicly goes a long way towards revising old stereotypical images of professional “gamblers.”  Indeed, he — and the few like him — are the new faces of a very old game.

The bottom line is — if you really want to know what’s likely to happen in anything, watch the betting markets (when and where they exist).  Forget the media pundits, popular opinion, and hype.  Someone like Matt Matros — who actually puts his money where his mouth is — often proves to be a more reliable indicator of results, whatever the game — be it poker or politics.



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