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Posted by on Feb 24, 2019 in Blog, Movie Reviews, Video 1 | 2 comments

Video: Lights, Camera, Action! Our 2019 Academy Awards Predictions


2019 oscars


Here’s a one-hour video of my Oscar opinions and picks for 2019.

Some time ago, I ran into one of the smartest and most successful sports handicappers in Las Vegas at a party.  His moniker is, to no surprise, “Las Vegas Cris.”

Let’s call him “LVC” for short.

I discovered that LVC loves movies.  He goes to see at least a couple of films each and every week.  LVC purchased one of those monthly passes where you can practically see as many films as you like for roughly the price of what two tickets would regularly cost (around $24).  So, he goes to the movies and ends up seeing lots of very good films, and also comes across some real clunkers.

LVC and I share a lifelong love of movies.  We thought it would be a fun project to film a video and discussion of our picks for the best and worst in movies over the past year, along with our Oscar picks We planned on shooting a one-hour pilot, but got wound up and went kinda’ long.  Let’s call this the lengthier “Director’s Cut.”

If you want to skip the fluff and go straight to the Oscar picks, fast forward to the 26-minute mark.  Also, the last 20 minutes or so is pretty good where we hand out our worst movie awards.

Special thanks to Andrew Geber for the production and Jack Gramley for supplying some of the technical equipment.

Note that I’ll probably shift to a podcast format shortly and invite several guests on to discuss a variety of topics.

Thanks for LVC for some great insight.

“Couch Potato Critics” sounds about right.

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  1. The movie reviews was very entertaining and enjoyable.
    Very knowledgeable and I enjoyed it greatly.
    Please do more !

  2. Enjoyed this, but Olivia Colman was in Peaky Blinders? Think you might be confusing her with Helen McCrory, another great actress. I could be wrong since I only watched the first season.

    Yes, the music has to be written specifically for the film, which is why The Godfather theme was never eligible – Nino Rota recycled his own composition from an obscure 1950s Italian movie and just as well he did.

    I, too, storm out of movies – problem is I watch them at home…

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