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Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Rants and Raves, Talking Points | 0 comments

Is Las Vegas Still a Great Place to Visit?



A travel writer named Caroline Morse recently posted a story at a popular website called  The feature story was titled “The Ten Most Disappointing Travel Destinations in the World.”

To say this list of ten places was controversial would be a gross understatement.

Think about all the places you’ve been and where you’ve traveled.  Which were the most disappointing?

I’m guessing that you wouldn’t come up with the ridiculous picks selected by this clueless author, which includes so-called travel spots like the Statue of Liberty, Frankfurt (Germany), and even Las Vegas.

That’s right, Las Vegas!

Of all the overrated and underwhelming places to go on earth, the author thinks Las Vegas is among the ten most disappointing.

While Las Vegas may not quite be the bargain that it once was, and there’s been some growing pains associated with The Strip (can we please learn something from the City Center fiasco?), it’s still the most popular tourist destination in North America and a pretty cool place to come and hang out.  The number of visitors don’t lie.  Try this — 40 million people came to Las Vegas last year alone.

I’m not a homer.  There’s some things not to like about Las Vegas.  I certainly see the flaws.  I have to live with them, every day.  But to suggest this city and the surrounding area belongs in any way on a list that includes the word “disappointing,” is well — a major disappointment.

In my latest “Talking Points with Nolan Dalla” video, I explain why the travel writer is dead wrong about Las Vegas.  This video runs about 21 minutes.  Much of the unscripted video concentrates on the things the writer missed about Las Vegas:




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