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Posted by on Sep 9, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Joe Biden’s Monster on the Wing




Why doing the right thing will sadly but surely backfire on the President


Remember the classic Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner on the plane?  It’s a twist on the old “Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf” tale

Shatner is a passenger on an overnight transatlantic flight at 20,000 feet.  Shatner looks out the window at the wing and sees a monster tearing apart the aircraft’s engine.  Terrified by the prospect of the plane crashing into the sea and everyone dying, Shatner desperately tries to warn everyone about the monster.  When the other passengers look out at the wing, it disappears.  This happens a few times and everyone thinks Shatner is crazy.  There’s no monster, they say.

Well, that’s Joe Biden on Thursday in his speech to the nation desperately trying to warn the holdouts, the deniers, and the deadbeats that the deadly virus that’s already killed 640,000 Americans is very real.  And, it’s still out there. Just like the monster on the wing.

If Biden is right, and the science is correct — and just for the record, Biden is right and the science is correct despite an avalanche of politically charged conspiracy quackery from tens of millions on the other side of the vaccination debate blinded by fear and hatred — a much worse pandemic can be avoided.

If he’s persuasive enough — a prospect far less certain — and vaccinations continue to succeed, the monster we know as COVID will disappear.  And, if that happens, you can be certain all the cranks and crackpots and meme morons will claim there never really was a virus.  See, we didn’t need vaccines, they will insist.  We didn’t need masks.  It was all a hoax.  Like the flu.  Sound familiar?

In a bizarre twist of repartee, like Shatner and his monster, the only way to be proven absolutely correct is to let the vaccine kill far more people.  That is to say, let the plane crash.  Disregard the dolts who sleepwalk through a global threat, and ignore the world’s top scientists.  Then, when bodies are stacked up in morgues like cordwood, we learn the truth.  But don’t expect apologies.  Morons never apologize.

Let’s agree, President Biden has his faults. And I do have my concerns about his administration and leadership, at times. I would be remiss were I not to express worry, and even some discontentment. Yet, self-reflection and nonpartisan evaluation is a positive thing.  On most issues, Biden is doing a fine job and President, and an especially good job with COVID.  Patience worn thin, his speech was about as stern a lecture as Biden will ever give in a speech.  Finally, he’s fed up — coddling idiots is over.  It’s mandate time.  Ditch the carrots.  It’s time for the stick.  Swing it.

I also admit that Biden is a much better humanitarian than me.  Hey, I lost my compassion for imbeciles a long time ago.  What happens to them with vaccines readily available no longer concerns me, so long as they don’t harm innocents. Yes, I know we’re all connected here in a pandemic.  That’s why I and other crass blogger-writers and activists wouldn’t make good presidents.  We don’t have Biden’s finer qualities.  He’s a president for all the people, even those who despise him.  To me, that higher calling shows leadership. I say — fuck ’em. Biden says — save ’em.  Well, try anyway.

In the final scene, the flight back on the ground, Shatner is dragged away in a straightjacket.  No one else saw the monster.  He must be crazy.  Then, the plane is shown once more.  We see the plane’s engine ripped open.  Viola!  The monster was real.

Yes, the pandemic is real.  And, vaccines work.  And, Biden’s blinded critics think he’s the one who’s incompetent.  On the contrary, he’s the one saving the plane at his own political peril.

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