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Posted by on Sep 18, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

It’s Time for a Political Intervention.




It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. So, let me make up for lost time. I’ll keep these talking points short, and on point. Oh, and you might notice a recurring theme throughout. I call this — a political intervention.

(1) GENERAL THOUGHTS — Democrats are squandering their upcoming election chances. They are BLOWING IT. Given where the majority of the country stands on the key issues, Democrats should win by a landslide in 2024, which would continue the positive trend of outperforming expectations in 2018, 2020, and 2022. I’ll say this as directly as I can: Democrats are fucking this up. No, I’m not overreacting. It’s PANIC TIME.

(2) IMMIGRATION — The failure to act on immigration reform is going to kill Democrats in many Congressional swing districts and perhaps even cost a few Senate seats, including a majority (hello—have I got your attention, yet?). It could also be a tipping point in the Presidential election. Yes, immigration. Fact is, Republicans are exploiting this crisis for their selfish political advantage and it’s cruel what they are doing to human beings (Christians, my ass). Frankly, it’s disgusting. But it’s also *working* for them on the political map and this is a undisputed fact. We better….WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP. The U.S. immigration system isn’t just broken. It’s in shambles. Let’s also admit that both parties are to blame for kicking this can down the road for far too long. That said, the system can no longer accept and process the massive overload of millions of immigration cases (particularly at the Southern border). Republicans have no plan other than building an idiotic wall, but Democrats failure to act on this is likely going to cost them politically. So-called liberals who live in fantasyland about the immigration stories of their parents are not living in TODAY’s reality.

(3) CRIME — I get into trouble with my fellow Leftists all the time on the crime debate. Many people misunderstand the Left and my position and presume I’m “soft” on crime. In fact, I’ve always been a hard-core authoritarian when it comes to public safety and protecting institutions. For instance, the treasonous January 6th mob should have been massacred the moment they entered the U.S. Capitol and disrupted the democratic process (Yes, I understand this wasn’t possible on that day). But I digress. The crime problem cuts far deeper and is a local problem. My position is that smash and grab thieves should taken out with force. Looters should be shot. Releasing dangerous people without bail is LUNACY. Years ago, especially in other countries, the Left was always the strong protector of safety and property. They didn’t put up with any shit. We must return to some of those guiding principles here (yes, I realize this is sticky and problematic). Trouble is, a sizable percentage of Americans do trust Republicans more on the issue of crime. Their actual records on this issue are abysmal (Republican-run states and districts have just as much crime as Democratic-run states and districts–and in some areas its WORSE). And don’t even get me started on white-collar crime. The trouble is, Democrats may have lost the messaging battle. The “defund the police” craziness and widespread perception of being soft on crime will end up costing Democrats some percentage of swing voters in 2024. Democrats better get their shit together, because voters who may agree with 90 percent of Democratic positions on other issues are NOT going to vote for you if they feel unsafe out on the streets and inside their own homes (recall the New York backlash on this in 2020). READ THAT LAST LINE AGAIN — it’s critical to understanding what going to happen if something, including messaging and perception, doesn’t CHANGE immediately!

(4) AGE AND SUITABILITY — Fact: Joe Biden is too old to be President past 2024. To be clear, I was proud of my vote in 2020 for President Biden. That was an easy decision and was proven to be correct. President Biden gets a solid B- as a grade from me, for some notable accomplishments (mixed with disappointments). But President Biden was always the “stopgap” vote for many who looked to him in 2020. He was the firewall against a malignant disease. A bandaid. He was to be a “transitional” figure in history bridging to a new generation of leadership. Why President Biden decided to announce he’s running for re-election makes no sense whatsoever, especially when other Democratic candidates could emerge and have time to build their own coalition. I fear that he lacks the energy and passion to win. He’s also had some troubling moments, that won’t improve with age. And even if I’m wrong about Biden (and I’m not wrong), the real problem is 70 percent of the country thinks Biden is too old and they don’t want him to run for re-election. Then, there are the Hunter issues, which though unproven and unconnected to the President, are likely to be exploited and used to swing dirt dumb apolitical voters. We are starting off the 2024 Presidential race with a serious (perhaps insurmountable) handicaps. We don’t have to so this. There are OTHER options.

(5) MESSAGING — The Democrats messaging has been abysmal. I’ve seen television commercials touting President Biden’s record. They’re weak. Unmoving. BORING. I call them a total waste of money. Whoever is in charge of messaging and PR and political marketing in the White House, DNC (and similar partisan operations), and PACs is FAILING and should be bounced out onto the street. Just look at the polls. ANY poll The fact that President Biden is running EVEN, and in some polls BEHIND, an opponent with 91 criminal charges against him and his opponent has such an appalling record and repulsive character should be a KICK IN THE ASS. Wake up, people. You’re in danger of losing to the worst former President and most dangerous candidate in American political history. Lots of people aren’t doing their fucking jobs and need to be axed. NOW!

See what I mean about a “recurring theme?”

Yes, it’s time for a political intervention.

I’ll post more stuff on other political topics later. Comments welcome.

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    Careful! You are starting to sound like a republican! Agree with all of this,

    Your MAGA friend…..Mike

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