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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Blog, Essays | 0 comments

Interesting Facts About New York City That Are Not Much Talked About


Most of the world knows about New York City. New York is a city that seems as if it’s in its own plane of existence. The skyline of the city contributes to the overall feel. New Yorkers are also very diverse, as lots of people from all walks of life spend their days in the city. You’d think that whenever an immigrant goes to America, chances are they’ll take their chances in New York.


Like all well-known places around the world, New York has also its humble beginnings that shaped it to be the city that it is today. Below are some interesting New York facts that are not often talked about.


New York City was the first capital of the United States

That’s right. Before Washington, D.C., it was New York. New York’s status of being capital lasted for more than a year, beginning from April 1789 to July 1790. It was during this time that George Washington was sworn in as president. The decision to change the capital to Washington D.C. was made because of several decisions from the founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson wanted the capital to be in a location that’s accessible to slave-traders at the time, and Alexander Hamilton wanted the government to take care of the Revolutionary War’s debts.


Cowboys used to be a common sight in New York

When you think of a cowboy, the first thing that comes to mind is that they inhabit the Wild West. However, cowboys used to patrol the 10th Avenue of Manhattan from 1850 to 1941. The city had its team of cowboys that also acted as law enforcement. Manhattan’s West Side is home to the poor immigrants who came to take their chances in the city. The West Side is also where the train that brings in supplies such as food is located. Tragedy often struck as accidents happened to the inhabitants involving the train. As a response, the city hired cowboys to act as traffic marshalls of sorts.


The Statue of Liberty arrived in pieces

The Statue of Liberty is a well-known New York City landmark, and some inhabitants would say that the statue is everything that the city stands for. The part of the statue that first arrived in the city was the arm. It arrived a decade earlier than the rest of the pieces and was put on display in Philadelphia to raise funds for the statue’s construction. The other parts of the statue followed in 1885 where pieces of the statue were put in 214 crates which housed 350 parts.


Times Square was named after The New York Times

Yes, the famous commercial area is named after the famous newspaper. Before the New York Times moved in, the place was known as Longacre Square. The Times Square name was chosen in honor of the newspaper. 


The Mall is where the elite hang out

The Mall in Central Park houses the only straight path in all of New York City. It was designed that way to let the wealthy residents of New York stroll and interact with people in their social class.



New York is, without a doubt, a beautiful city. There’s a lot of history to be found throughout the city’s nearly 400 years of existence. If ever you plan on visiting or moving in, you should brush yourself upon these facts so you won’t feel out of place when you arrive in the city.


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