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Posted by on Mar 26, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Insurance companies are not “providers,” they are, in fact, middlemen and leeches



Let’s rid the national conversation of insurance companies as “providers” of health care in America. 

They provide us with nothing but headaches and misery.  Example:  Ever had a phone conversation with an insurance company over coverage and costs?

Insurance companies are, in fact, leeches.  They’re bleeding us dry.


Fact #1:  Insurance companies undermine health care in America.

Fact 2:  Insurance companies have no interest in people’s health — rather, they do whatever they can to deny care to as many Americans as possible.

Fact #3:  Insurance companies’ goal is to create the highest possible margins to ensure massive company profits to the exclusive benefit of shareholders and bonus-whoring company executives.

Fact #4:  Insurance companies buy politicians and are the single-most corrupt impediment to universal health care in America.

Insurance companies should be eliminated from the mainstream health care pipeline.

They add nothing to the system, other than creating problems for most who desperately need care, and for whom decisions made by for-profit corporations are a matter of life or death.

Who do you think pays for $20 million executive salaries, 50-story downtown office buildings, and mega stadium naming rights?  That’s all cut out of OUR pockets.  That’s where a large chunk of our premiums go.

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Yes, health care is being provided by some extraordinarily dedicated people in this country.   Allow me to mention them now.

They are called doctors.

They are called nurses.

They are called medical technicians.

They are called caregivers.

They are also called researchers and educators.

These are the genuine heroes of American medicine — insurance executives, who were once praised by a morally-bankrupt, dim-witted, anti-intellectual prick:



The only thing insurance companies provide is higher costs to all Americans and obscene payouts to their executives.  That’s it.

Nothing more.  Nothing else.

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