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Posted by on Aug 5, 2021 in Blog | 0 comments

How “religious” will the world be in the year 2100?



How “religious” will the world be in the year 2100?


Current trends as to the pervasiveness and popularity of organized religion, faith, and spirituality lead in an unmistakable direction. Organized religion(s) continue losing influence, but then alternative aspects of faith and spirituality are diversifying and even expanding.

Our task here and now is to project what influence religion will have in the world at the end of the life expectancy of someone who is born today. In other words, a person born right now would be expected to live about 79 years and might even survive into the next century. Question: How will religion be a part of this person’s life and how will things change (if they change, at all) over the course of a lifetime? Will religion have less impact, more impact, or remain about the same in the year 2100?

Bonus points are given for comments which expound on this broad question and address specific religions. For instance, Christianity may be waning in the West, but it’s growing in numbers in China/Asia (note that the largest Christian composition today exists in China). Does anyone care to project where Islam will go? How about Hinduism? And questions surrounding Judaism are just as complex.

Without insult or judgment, put on your professorial hat in the social sciences and predict the state of religion-faith-spirituality in the year 2100.

This is a more weighty question than usual, but I think many readers will be interested in commenting and reading. I expect to learn a few things myself.

Thanks to everyone for making this ONE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIXTH edition of A.U.C. another interesting opportunity for discussion.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION

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