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Posted by on Sep 7, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments






Heads need to roll. Asses need to be kicked. People need to be fired. And a horrible law MUST be changed. Fucking now!

Maybe you didn’t hear about one of the worst injustices in recent memory about a man who was driving through Northern Nevada. A Nevada State Trooper thought the man was driving behind a tractor-trailer too closely on the highway.

So, the trooper pulled the man over.

Long story short — the man committed no crime nor was even cited for a traffic violation on the stop. But the ballbusting power-mad cop grilled the man with a bunch of inane questions because his target “fit the profile” of a drug smuggler. I’m NOT fucking making this up, folks. Read the article HERE.

Of course, what “fit the profile” means is — the man was part-Hispanic. And yeah, we all know what a smuggling highway for drug kingpins that is way up there in rural Northern Nevada where jackrabbits outnumber people 500-1. Drug smuggler, my ass.

Deputy Dog with a badge and a gun kept asking questions and the man — again, who committed NO CRIME — admitted he was carrying lots of cash in his knapsack. He VOLUNTEERED this information. He was driving from his home in the Texas Panhandle to Northern California with his life savings — $87,000 in cash. He intended to buy a home with his sister as a family investment. The man stated he didn’t like banks. So, that’s why he had the money all in cash.

The trooper seized this cash. All $87,000 of it. The prick didn’t even leave the man with enough money for gas or food to continue on his drive — again — even though no law had been violated. Under something called CIVIL FORFEITURE LAW, the money was seized because the man was “suspected” (not proven, not even a shred of evidence existed) of running illegal drugs. Under that law, the LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT DIVISION stood to gain 80 percent of the loot that was seized. It’s literally HIGHWAY ROBBERY. A shakedown. Now, the cops are the criminals.

Wait, there’s more.

Did I mention the man who was pulled over was a 17-year former active-duty Marine veteran who had just served a couple of tours in Afghanistan? Did I mention the man SHOWED the trooper printed receipts he had for ALL the money, which traced its source? Did I mention this was NORTHERN NEVADA, about 1,000 miles from the usual drug-running routes, and the man committed no crime (yes, I mentioned that already, but it bears repeating).

So, the man was ruined. Destroyed by some prick highway patrol thief who acted completely out of line with sanity. And, what he did was TOTALLY LEGAL, according to forfeiture laws.

Thank goodness for an active free press in this country. THE WASHINGTON POST got a hold of the story, printed it, and then other media outlets followed (so, shut the fuck up about “fake media” — if it weren’t for the Post, you wouldn’t have heard about this story). A few days ago, the Las Vegas Review-Journal printed a story, which you can read here (below).

An apology is NOT enough. Giving the money back to this man is NOT enough. Some people need to be fired.

When common sense doesn’t prevail, revolt is justified. This is why out-of-control law enforcement has been such a big deal, lately.

Oh, and as of today — the man has still NOT received his money back.

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