Nolan Dalla

F. U. F. 1.



F .U. F. 1. !!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to hear any more of the blathering bullshit about how much money this fucking fiasco brings into the local Las Vegas economy.  None of their claims are true.  And those of us opposed to this absurdity from the start are now being proven right.

Half of those figures from race officials and local convention and tourism flunkies are a lie and the rest is exaggerated. Even if some of these rosy projections are accurate (and they’re not), one great weekend does NOT offset 4 or 5 or more weekends before and after the race where most businesses are down 20-25 percent all across the lower end of The Strip, and some restaurants are getting 100 cancellations a night.

Moreover, most of F1’s “economic impact” goes straight into the pockets of giant corporations and shareholders. When this idiotic shit storm is over, will we the citizens of Las Vegas ever get OUR city back?

Quoting from the LVRJ:

“A cab won’t take you to the area, a car service won’t take you to the area. If you’re a tourist, you say, ‘I won’t fight that.’ And no locals will come. This is brutal for my staff. This is how they pay their mortgage. This is how they support their families….and to think we’re going to be doing this for 10 years.”

— Las Vegas restaurant owner cutoff from customers due to the madness of F1 and the mass disruption


Now, the forecast says there’s some chance it might rain on race night.  Oh, and it’s probably going to be in the 40s for a low temperature.

So, like the Guns and Roses song goes, bring on a cold November rain.


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