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Posted by on Sep 3, 2021 in Blog, Las Vegas | 0 comments

Duh, It’s Arson, People!





Another “mysterious fire” happened in Las Vegas yesterday. Yet another construction site.

Back in February, I wrote a column that claimed the TWO FIRES that took place near my home, which torched entire city blocks of construction zones, was set by an ARSONIST.

What? Do you think cement and bricks just catch on fucking fire by themselves?

Then yesterday, ANOTHER FIRE happened, with very similar circumstances. Finally, in this instance, someone at the fire department had the guts to use “the A-word.”

The fire chief in this city must have balls the size of a gnat.

Hey! It’s A-R-S-O-N people. Somebody is lighting this shit on fire. There’s a sicko on the loose.

In February, there was some speculation the fires were set by “homeless people” who were “trying to stay warm.” Yeah, I guess this theory could fly. But hey, it was 105 fucking degrees yesterday — still convinced the hobo is using fire the size of a city block “for heat?” Pro tip: Might be time to put that theory to rest. Sherlock Holmes, Sir–you are NOT!

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years and have been coming here for 40. In that entire time, I can’t remember a single fire that torched a whole city block of a construction zone. And Las Vegas has basically been one giant construction zone the entire time. Now, within 8 months, THREE HUGE FIRES burn, all on the west side. What a coincidence, huh? What are the odds!

The dumbest move of all though was what I saw AFTER the condo complex off Fort Apache was turned into a charcoal grille back in January. I was at a restaurant across the street and observed they hired 24/7 security to “patrol” the blackened embers. Yeah, like what the fuck is anyone going to steal or damage AFTER a fire destroyed everything? It’s like making someone guard the bank vault AFTER the robbery.

To date, I haven’t seen on public service announcement in Las Vegas about this, such as “be on the lookout for….” or “if anyone suspects an arsonist, please contact….”

Is ANYONE out there paying attention?

Sure as shit, somebody isn’t going their job. Oh, except for the $10 an hour security guard over on Fort Apache. No one has stolen the charred remains still presumably waiting for the insurance adjuster. Nice job, security man!

Fact:  There’s an arsonist on the loose.  Now, do something about it.

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