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Posted by on Aug 26, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Conservatives: Always Wrong, Never in Doubt



Did you ever notice conservatives have been proven WRONG about pretty much EVERYTHING? Think about it. Let’s look at the record:


THEN: Conservatives initially called the COVID pandemic “a conspiracy,” then downplayed it, and then promised it would go away.
NOW: 633,247 American deaths–most of any nation, and we’re now in the midst of a second wave. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Conservatives initially denied global warming existed, then declared man-made climate change “a giant hoax.”
NOW: Heatwaves all over the world, record droughts, fires burning out of control, destructive hurricanes, environmental disasters. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Conservatives opposed gay marriage on the grounds that (they claimed) it threatened “traditional marriage.”
NOW: More than a decade later, divorce rates remain stable among “straight” couples, while tens of thousands of gay couples enjoy equal rights. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Conservatives warned that legalizing drugs and decriminalizing marijuana would lead to increased addiction, crime, and deaths.
NOW: Recreational marijuana is legal in 19 states, medical marijuana is even more widespread while drug-related crimes have been decreasing. Most drug abuse is now from addiction to prescription medicines (painkillers), madly pushed by conservatives favoring “deregulation.” Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Conservatives, usually evangelicals, argued against the legalization of casinos, online gambling, and even opposed sports betting.
NOW: Nothing that gambling opponents warned about has come true. While casinos are legal in 27 states and online and sports gambling are increasing, problem gambling percentages have remained stable for decades. Places where casinos exist usually have more employment and higher tax revenues. The poorest states tend to be anti-gambling. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Conservatives have supported writing the defense industry a blank check for decades, and have even insisted wars are necessary. Those who oppose the bloated military and fighting unwinnable wars are called “unpatriotic.”
NOW: Thousands dead. Trillions wasted. Lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Defeat in Afghanistan….20 years for nothing. The far-Left who argued against these foreign engagements was proven absolutely correct. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Social Security is “socialism.” Medicare is “socialism.” The Affordable Care Act is “socialism.” When lying and promoting fear, conservatives never change their tune.
NOW: Government programs protect seniors and guarantee basic health care. They have saved tens of millions of lives and are overwhelmingly supported by most Americans, despite repeated attempts by conservatives to dismantle such programs. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Deregulate the economy. Cut taxes. The free market works best when it’s left alone.
NOW: After years of economic laisse faire economics, the 1929 great depression happened under Republicans. Again, after another decade of economic deregulation, the 2008 economic collapse happened under Republicans. Republicans now…cut regulations! Let banks and corporations run our economy! Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: The stock market will crash if Joe Biden is elected.
NOW: Stock market at an all-time high. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: America doesn’t need the Civil Rights Act…. America doesn’t need a Fair Housing Act….America doesn’t need a Voting Rights Act….let the states handle it.
NOW: Rinse and repeat. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Raising the minimum wage will kill jobs and ruin the economy.
NOW: LOL. Conservatives = WRONG!

THEN: Cut taxes for the wealthy. Trickle-down economics works.
NOW: LOL. Conservatives = WRONG!

Come to think about it, conservatives have never been correct about ANYTHING, have they? Please remember these facts the next time someone says they are a conservative.

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