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Posted by on Sep 26, 2015 in Blog, Talking Points | 0 comments

Chats with Tats (My WSOP Interview with Tatiana Pasalic)




One of the privileges of working at the World Series of Poker every year is getting the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people, many who work in media.


Tatiana Pasalic and I have done numerous interviews together.  Our most recent segment was posted at, which appeared just a few days ago at their website.

Tatiana asked about what sustains such a strong interest in poker, not just over the course of a long event like the WSOP which lasts for six weeks in the summer, but over much of a lifetime.  I’ve always taken much of my passion and inspiration from the people I’ve met along the way, including a few special people here in this interview who are mentioned by name.

It’s a short segment, but as is customary with everything done by and Tatiana Pasalic, it’s well worth watching.  My thanks to them for posting the interview and giving me the chance to offer my thoughts on the WSOP and point out that the social events and camaraderie are which make it it special for many of us.


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