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Posted by on Aug 20, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Be Honest, You Don’t Care About Afghanistan




If you’re now posting your opinion about what’s happening in Kabul, but haven’t posted anything else on Afghanistan or the war during the past year — I’m calling you out right now as a BULLSHITTER.

That’s right, you’re full of SHIT.


Fact: You don’t give a fuck about Afghanistan. You probably can’t find Afghanistan on a map. You don’t give a fuck about the Afghan people.

Fact:  Months ago, you hated the idea of immigration.  You feared refugees.  You supported strict bans targeted at Muslims.

Fact:  You don’t know fuck about Afghanistan or its history. You can’t name one leader in the entire fucking history of Afghanistan, except maybe “the Karzai guy.” Be honest. You don’t know SHIT.

Am I getting my point across?

But hey, now suddenly you’re an “expert!” Your credentials — scrolling across a few mindless memes pimped off some online propaganda mill. Bravo! You salivated over the scathing criticism of the Biden Administration (much of it deserved, but also needing proper context). Meanwhile, you suffer from the worst case of fucking amnesia ever, totally forgetting many of YOU, YES YOU!!!!! voted for the clueless and corrupt war hawk scumbags who got us into this mess in the first place. You cheered the war like it was a fucking football game. You swallowed the wallop of lies about the US military being “weak” and needing hundreds of billions more in wasteful spending. You fed the war pig like a fucking stable boy.

So, please quit pretending to know what you’re talking about. Quit pretending that you care. You don’t. Fact: Once Afghanistan is out of the current news cycle, you’re be propped right back in front of the TV guzzling a beer watching the ball game while giggling at another brainless meme on your Chinese-made smartphone.

You knew nothing about Afghanistan BEFORE this crisis. You know virtually nothing about Afghanistan DURING this crisis. And you’ll have zero interest in Afghanistan’s FUTURE once this crisis is all over.

Now, please. Go back to what you are really an expert at — going ape shit over COVID vaccines and rules about wearing masks, denying global climate change, and insisting the last presidential election was rigged in favor of your guy.

You fucking sicken me.

All the rest of you — have a nice day!

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