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Posted by on Sep 2, 2023 in Blog | 3 comments

Announcement: The Upcoming NFL Season and My Wagering



This coming NFL season, I’ll be doing some things differently on my football betting activities.

Each week, I’ll post analysis and picks on as many games as best I can.  I’ve been doing this for 10+ years here at my website.  I plan to continue this tradition.

For the first time, I’m also entering the two premier NFL handicapping contests here in Las Vegas.  I’ve raised an investment bankroll, which is called the Las Vegas Betting Syndicate.  That’s “LVBS” for short.  Trust me, the “BS” part just turned out that way by accident.

And so, I’ve entered the Las Vegas Westgate SuperContest with seven (7) paid entries.  That’s the maximum allowed per person.  I’ll share those picks weekly here on my page.  However, all picks are public knowledge and are posted in advance by the Westgate.

The names of my 7 entries are easy to spot:










I kept the names simple.  It’s also easy to track with the numbers 1-7.

Note:  A pet peeve of mine is that entrants often do not use their real names.  I don’t think anonymity should be allowed.  If someone enters, they should put their name on the picks.  It’s that simple.

You can read the contest rules for the Westgate SuperContest here. Entries are allowed up through Saturday, Sept. 9th, I believe.  Each entry costs $1,000.  There is no take out or added fee.


I also entered the Circa Survivor contest, with three entries.  The names are:






The Circa offers a winner-take-all $8,000,000 prize. The rules are simple.  Pick one team each week just to win the game.  No pointspreads.  However, each team can be picked only once during the season.  This is a more complex contest than it sounds, strategy wise.

Incredibly, my friend Russ Rosenblum was one of the winners last season.  He diced up $5 million in prize money.  Here’s an admittedly poor-quality video of me with Russ as his celebration party last season.  WATCH HERE

Read the Circa survivor contest rules here. Each entry costs $1,000.  There is no take out or added fee.

Note: I probably should have entered the Circa Sports Million V, as well.  I’ll likely do this one next season.


A website dedicated to survivor strategy asked me to write a weekly column for them, and I’m glad to share that.  I’ll be posting weekly write-ups at a new website called  Check it out.  My first article should be up in the next day or so.


As for changes in the offseason, I’m no longer with the Canadian-based content and betting site,  That operation was recently sold to the Toronto Star news organization, and they wanted to keep it an all-Canada team.  So, my three years with them came to a close.  It was a great experience.


I’ll be betting real money on my own, as well.  I’ll share those wagers here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  I created an account that will have lots of sports content, with political stuff, too — follow @DallaWriter

So, that’s my plan.


— weekly write-ups here at

— 7 Westgate contest entries

— 3 Circa contest entries

— 1-2 columns weekly at

— podcast at Desert Diamond Sports (will announce more soon)

— tweets and Facebook posts (with picks and the occasional rant)

— videos (TBD)


The bottom line is this: I plan to do lots of handicapping and writing.

Thanks for reading and following along.

Comments are always welcome.



  1. Why only the super contest and not the circa millions? Certainly circa will have a bigger prize pool. Good luck this year


      No reason in particular. Some of this was just trying to engage in two different contests. Also, the Super Contest is the big one so far as sports gambling goes (this may be changing), so I wanted to maximize chances in that event. In future, I’ll probably ramp up at least $20,000 and do additional contests. Thx.

      — ND

  2. I would highly disagree the super contest is the big one anymore. When they charged juice a few years ago and circa didn’t that was the turning point. They’ve since reverted back but circa millions has a significantly bigger prize pool. That said, nothing wrong w winning either one

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