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Posted by on Feb 21, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

A Teachable Moment About Basic Economics and Horror of Supply and Demand




Hey, all you rip-roaring free-market conservatives and champions of supply-side economics: 

How about admitting you were wrong about basically — EVERYTHING?

Let’s call this column a “teachable moment.”


I’m sure all the tireless advocates for “small government,” those champions of conservative economic policies, the devoted believers in state rights, and libertarians everywhere are perfectly fine with many Texans getting $7,000 electric bills, which is happening as we speak.

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Supply and demand!  The free market at work!  Rejoice!

Surely, they will all do their moral and ethical duty, remain philosophically consistent, and pay their bills in full. After all, they knew the electric grid was fragile and in short supply, and they used the heat and the lights anyway. So, pay up!

Oh, wait. You mean to tell me they’re bitching and moaning now? They want the government’s help? They want financial assistance from taxpayers? They want emergency action? They want a debt they willingly incurred to be forgiven?

Oh, really now?

Hmm, let’s mull this over, Hoss. I’m glad your lights are back on and the heater works again. I’m really happy your lives are getting back to normal. Now, how about admitting you were wrong about basically — EVERYTHING. Let’s call this is “teachable moment.”

Don’t ever spew your shit about the free market and supply and demand economics again, unless you’re paying all the bills you’ve incurred from this terrible weather disaster — in full.

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