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Posted by on Feb 21, 2017 in Blog, Essays, Politics, Rants and Raves | 8 comments

A Moral Dilemma — What Would You Do?




Something happened today that’s causing me considerable mental anguish.  Perhaps you will help and might offer some advice.

This morning, I went shopping at the local Costco.  While in the parking lot, I noticed a man loading his SUV with several boxes.  He reached into his back pocket and took out his wallet.  Next, he put the wallet on the top of his vehicle, and then proceeded to load remainder of the cargo.

Just as I walked past, the man got into his Hummer, started the engine, and then began to drive away.  The man’s wallet tumbled off the top of his car and landed on the pavement, right at my feet.  I picked the wallet up and tried to flag the man down.  However, he drove away too quickly and I wasn’t able to get his attention.

However, I did notice something quite interesting.  The Hummer had a “TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT” bumper sticker on one side and an NRA decal on the other.  The car sped away as I was yelling for him to stop.

There was only one thing I could do.  I looked inside the wallet and found the man’s ID, along with his home address.  He also had several business cards which listed his phone number.  Also, to my astonishment, I found $870 in cash stuffed inside the wallet.

So, now my dilemma is this.  Perhaps you can advise:

Should I fire the whole wad of cash tonight on LSU +3, or use it to pay some bills?


Writer’s Note:  Most of this story is purely fictional.  However, I did shop at Costco today.



  1. Donate cash to SPCA or any environmental conservation group as you can be damned sure this guy wouldn’t.

  2. Good one!

  3. Return the wallet anonymously along with a receipt for an $870 donation to the Sierra Club. Be a Samaritan and let him claim the tax deduction.

    • Ditto npc, except donate to Elizabeth Warren’s re-election campaign. You should hear his head explode when he receives it!

  4. I know a long shot, but do we know FOR SURE it is the person’s vehicle? He could be anti Trump, but the vehicle could be borrowed (neighbor, buddy, relative) to transport the goods from Costco.

    I am anti Trump, and I would return it along with all its contents.

    • You an asshole. Trump has nothing to do with it. Pocket the money unless you were on a date with a hot girl. In that case, you might as well take the points and give it all back.

      What people don’t realize is that whatever they choose, they are choosing the most selfish option for THEM. People who give it back are looking for points even if those points come in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.

      I say take the cash and give back the rest. People who would give it all back are just looking to get their points in more selfish ways (avoiding Hell, feeling good about themselves, etc). The most honorable thing is to take the money UNLESS you reasonably suspect that this person’s life will really be negatively affected if you pocket the money. In that case, you have a moral duty to not cause misery for them, so you should return it.

  5. The correct thing to do is to pocket the $870 in cash and then take the wallet to lost and found at Costco, or delivering it to the guy’s house where you do not have to confront him. At the end of the day, it is worth much more than $870 to him to get back his ID and credit cards.

    You were in the right place at the right time. The world owes you one after the Atlanta game bad beat. Anyone who would try to get points by giving it back and then announcing it to the world is being more selfish than anyone. You probably gave it back, or found a way to get it back to him. I can see it now. He thanks you and give you a $100. You say: “Oh no, I couldn’t”, then begrudgingly accept. Unless this person was some struggling person with a real hard luck story, the correct move is to ALWAYS pocket the cash, and return the rest. You were in the right place at the right time, so you screwed up by not pocketing the money. No way you pocketed it and then wrote about it.

  6. I don’t know if these comments are in jest or not but regardless of any political affiliation it’s clearly correct to drop off the wallet with its entire contents to the individuals house.

    This isn’t even a close call. Anyone that acts differently has some serious moral pondering to consider. I suppose in Las Vegas that shouldn’t be unusual.

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