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Posted by on Jan 27, 2019 in Blog, Essays, Las Vegas, Travel | 1 comment

A Groovy Eatery: Restaurant Review — Flower Child [Las Vegas]



Flower Child is as close to a perfect eatery as any casual restaurant I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve paid three visits to Flower Child, so far, and each experience was exceptional.

What a delight to write this review and help spread the word.

Las Vegas’ first and (to date) only Flower Child opened at Boca Park at the corner of Fort Apache and Charleston in the summer of 2018.  Let’s remember this as our new Summer of Love.  Boca Park is now stacked with three outstanding restaurants — Honey Salt, North Italia, and now Flower Child (a downside — there’s also a P.F. Changs).

True to its name, Flower Child looks like a funky throwback to 1967 and the Haight-Ashbury, minus the dopers and derelicts.  Imagine some rich ex-hippie opening up an eating temple devoted entirely to the values of peace and love.  This isn’t just a marketing gimmick.  Everything at Flower Child — from the inner and outer decor; to the fresh garden ingredients; to the originality of menu items; to the friendly staff; to the relatively affordable prices — echoes a reincarnation of the idealistic 60s.

But Flower Child is no trip down memory lane.  The restaurant is ultra modern and driven by uber-contemporary dining trends which clearly reveal many people want to eat healthier, but don’t always have either the time or money to meet their goals or stay on course.  Indeed, the quick and easy toxicity of American fast-food culture makes daily decisions on where and what all too convenient, with abominable long-term side effects.  Flower Child arrives just in time to the rescue.

All I am saying is, give this place a chance.



I was surprised to learn Flower Child is a national chain, with approximately 25 locations in major cities spread coast-to-coast throughout the United States.  It’s owned by Fox Restaurants based out of Pheonix.  Typically, chain restaurants squeeze customers, cut on costs, always go on the cheap, and have no mission other than to satisfy shareholders.

But Flower Child does appear to be quite the outlier.  After parsing over their company website, each location offers a different menu based on what’s available at the local market.  So, the location in San Francisco might be quite different from the one in Austin, or Las Vegas.  Presumably, your mileage will vary on menu choices.  But given what I’ve experienced here, one can be confident all the chains are consistently good.

I’m a picky eater.  I’ve always been a meat and potatoes guy.  Virtually every healthy meal I’ve ordered was tasteless, and each vegan restaurant I’ve visited was disappointing.  Flower Child is the remarkable exception to those bad experiences.  It’s the place to take the finicky curmudgeon who’s impossible to please.

Here’s one reason why Flower Child is so damn good:  Every last bite is from scratch, using fresh ingredients, and serving healthy food that takes you to a happy place.  “That’s our promise to you, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or just hungry,” the website promises.  “And just because we can do sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free doesn’t mean we do flavor-free… because where’s the happy in that?”



A few personal notes and reflections:

— There is no waitstaff.  Order at the counter, take a number, and wait for your meal to arrive.  No tipping is necessary.

— Indoor and outdoor seating is available and spacious.  The restaurant is very pet-friendly.  Special water and food bowls are provided for furry friends.

— After three visits, the longest time I ever waited for any meal was about five minutes.  This is a quick in and out, if needed.  But nothing here feels rushed.

— Flower Child is open for both lunch and dinner.

— Strong recommendation:  Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (appetizer) and Sichuan Green Bean (main course).  Meat is optional.

— All items are prepared without meat.  However — beef, chicken, and salmon are available for an additional $6, on average.  I don’t think the meat was necessary since the regular meals were so tasty.

— These were some of the best flavors I’ve experienced for my money.  Items which would cost double the price in an expensive restaurant are much cheaper and just as good at Flower Child.  Many ingredients were new tastes and combinations, and may be addictive!

— Drinks are self-service.  Flower Child offers several fresh juices which are refillable.  I’m not sure about this, but cokes (soft drinks) are not sold here.  Hooray!

— For two people (Marieta and I), we paid $32-$37 each time and left completely satisfied.

— Each occasion, I departed completely full, but not bloated.  This was perhaps the biggest surprise of all.  The Flower Child meal was enough to get me through the entire day.

— You won’t be able to eat at a P.F. Chang’s again after trying out this place.

In summation — what words best to describe Flower Child?  Here’s my five:

  1.  Healthy
  2.  Comfortable
  3.  Quick
  4.  Affordable
  5.  Delicious!

I give Flower Child my highest rating and strongest personal endorsement.  Everything about this Las Vegas location is positive.  I can’t wait to return, again and again.

To learn more, visit Flower Child’s official website HERE.



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