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Posted by on Jul 8, 2021 in Blog | 0 comments

The Mating Game



Sam Harris’ “Making Sense” podcast is always an intriguing listen, but this latest episode is particularly enlightening.


Sam Harris’ marvelous “Making Sense” podcast is always an intriguing listen, but his most recent guest and subject matter are particularly worth our attention in these confusing times of sex, gender identity, and the shifting social norms of courtship and dating.

Dr. David Buss is an evolutionary psychologist and best-selling author who teaches at the University of Texas. This discussion strikes the perfect balance between recognizing clear differences in gender without making those differences a justification to impose discrimination and subjugation.

I really like how Harris and Buss freely take on taboo topics and air their concerns openly, at least as much as two older white males are capable of understanding issues of gender and the projection of difficulties faced by others (e.g., I’d like to hear a female perspective on this discussion). Still, Buss’s research and conclusions are, for the most part, irrefutable.

Note: This topic could very well be fodder for comedy, but rather is taken quite seriously in the discussion. I was glad to hear a scientific and culture-based discussion of an important topic affect all of our lives, without resorting to a giggly punch line.

Highly recommended. Listen and learn.



A Conversation with David Buss

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