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Posted by on Jan 12, 2021 in Blog, Essays | 0 comments

5 Best PDF Online Compressing Tools You Can Use Without Breaking The Bank


The internet has provided several services over the years to ease our daily tasks, and one of them is online PDF compressor tools. It is best to have a trusted site for compressing files to make sure that the integrity and privacy of the file is protected. However, with the thousands of available tools online, it would be a bother to try all of them one by one. This article narrows down the five best PDF compressor tools online that you can use every day! Here are some of them. 


  • Gogo PDFs Compress PDF

Compress PDF file size from 40% to 75% on GogoPDF! Despite being one of the newest tools on the internet, it offers an easy to use Compress PDF feature to its users for free. The tool can compress PDF files to as small as 144 dpi, making it email-ready! It also has a simple interface with no ads for you to tap or click on accidentally.

You can upload your files directly from your device or cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, in just one click. Once you have finished uploading your files, Compress PDF starts to process your PDFs and gives you two file size options, each providing estimated file sizes. 

Compress PDF will work on several operating systems and platforms. You can seamlessly access the web-based tool on Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer on your Linux, Mac, or Windows operated devices! It’s also easy to use. Just follow the four instructions provided on the website, and you will get your PDFs compressed within minutes!

It also provides excellent security to your files, and everything is deleted after an hour, so you will never have to worry about a data breach. Aside from Compress PDF, GogoPDF also offers a wide variety of PDF editing and conversion tools that you can use for free. Once their Pro registration commences, GogoPDF will surely surprise the avid users with more services! 


  • PDF Compressor

Just like what the website name suggests, it compresses your PDFs. PDF Compressor promises to keep the DPI intact, allowing you to print and zoom onto your documents without trouble.

Unlike other online tools, PDF Compressor will let you upload 20 files in one task. All you have to do is upload the files from your computer storage or drag them to the drop area. However, it does not have the option to download from cloud storage, unlike GogoPDF. 

After the compression is completed, PDF Compressor shows you the file reduction percentage of each file. Depending on the file size, the reduction can go more than 90%, and here’s the great part. The online tool has two downloading options. You can download them individually, or you can download all of your files into a ZIP archive. 

Regarding the tool’s interface, it only utilizes simple buttons and three colors. Aside from the English language, PDF Compressor also offers a selection of 14 other languages perfect for users working with different nationalities. However, the tool also displays three ads that could cause trouble for people having slow internet connection.


Free PDF Convert’s Online PDF Compressor

If you are the type of person who reads reviews first before purchasing or using a service, Free PDF Convert is for you! Anyone using the online tool could see the reviews of their users. Aside from that, it provides four uploading options, so you will never have to go through the hassle of downloading and uploading files.

 To start compressing your PDF files on Free PDF Convert, you can upload your files from your device’s storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, or enter the URL of your file’s location. Once you have uploaded your files, you have to choose among the three types of compression: Extreme Compression (80%), Good Compression (50%), and Custom Compression. 

After choosing your preferred option, Online PDF Compressor will start compressing your PDF files within seconds. Once it’s done, you can see how much the tool has compressed your file. You can then download the file to your device storage or directly to your Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can do more after the tool processes your PDFs. The Online PDF Compressor provides you with two after download tools such as the Merge PDF and the Compress. If you are not satisfied with your compressed PDF, you also have the option to delete it.

 it comes to compatibility and security, the tool works on several devices and operating systems, as long as it is connected to the internet. Free PDF Convert also utilizes a 256-bit encryption technology to safeguard sensitive files uploaded on their server. The website also shows other PDF conversion and editing tools in just one click!


  • I Love PDF’s Compress PDF files

I Love PDF is one of the most established tools on the internet. Like the previous online tools, it offers a simple and easy to navigate interface and only features a small banner-type ad. You can also upload your files from your device’s storage, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

The Compress PDF files tool feature on I Love PDF offers three compression levels: Extreme Compression, Recommended Compression, and Less Compression, each with descriptions. But before choosing your preferred compression level, you can also add more files to compress by tapping the “+” button. 

Once you click the “Compress PDF” button, the tool immediately processes your PDF files and automatically downloads them to your device. You also get to see the size reduced percentage and the new file size of your PDFs. 

You also can re-download the files again on your device or directly to your Google Drive and DropBox. If you want your colleagues to download the files themselves, you can copy the URL or download it to your mobile device by scanning the QR code! 

The Compress PDF file tool also offers seven after download PDF editing tools. You can continue adding page numbers, watermark, password, rotate your PDFs, and even organize, merge, and split your PDFs after they have been compressed.


  • Adobe’s Compress PDF

Last on our list is Adobe’s Compress PDF tool. When you see or hear the word Adobe, you might be thinking of a mobile or a computer app. Yes, they do have an app, but they also offer a free PDF compressing tool online.

However, Adobe offers minimal features than the other tools mentioned in this article. If you’re using the Compress PDF service for free, you can only upload your files from your device’s storage and then download them afterward. It also takes a while to upload your files. 

If you have an Adobe Account, you can store your PDF files online, start compressing another file and share the downloadable link. It also offers a variety of Acrobat tools that you will surely find useful at work. Since you are working on Adobe’s platform, your files are also guaranteed safe. 



If you are a small business owner or a student, our featured online PDF compressing tools will surely help you get the job done. No need to download and install or even spend a single dime to compress your PDF. Try these tools and find out what you like best!

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