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Posted by on Dec 6, 2015 in Blog | 4 comments

Teasing My Way Into the Black




I made a friendly side wager some time ago, about where the 1963 NFL Championship Game was played.

As we sat around the bar, the rules were that none of us could access our smart phones, so it required some serious knowledge of NFL history.  I recall watching some television documentary many years ago about this game that was played when I was just a year old, contemplating the mechanics of what would become teaser wheels with my baby rattle.  I have no notes in front of me now, but I believe the Chicago Bears defeated the New York Giants 17-10.  The game was memorable because it was the last great victory in the career of NFL patriarch George Halas, who coached the Bears since the Chicago Fire of 1878.

I guessed that the game was played in frigid Soldier Field, long before it was reconfigured into somethings that now looks like a spaceship.  Where else could it have been played?  Wrigley Field, the rusty relic of a stadium which hosts baseball’s Chicago Cubs seemed like such an outlandish place to play a championship football game.  For one thing, it seats less than 40,000 people, about half what Soldier Field could pack inside.  Moreover, Wrigley Field was always a baseball configuration first, with no forethought of accommodating a football gridiron.  I never liked football games played in baseball stadiums.  To my knowledge, the only NFL team that still plays its home games in a baseball stadium is the Oakland Raiders.

Come to find out — the Bears won the ’63 Championship Game played at Wrigley Field.  I lost the bet.  Good thing I couldn’t tease Wrigley with 6 points, or I would have lost an even greater amount

What does any of this have to do with today’s NFL recommendation?  Actually, nothing, except the Chicago Bears are going to return to glory by winning today’s game and getting me back into the black for the season.

Today, I’m “teaser wheeling” the Bears with the rest of the board.  Since they’re favored by -6.5, getting +6 points means all Chicago must do is win the game.  New line:  Chicago -.5 (half point).  Chicago has been competitive for the last two months now, losing a number of close games (last three losses were by a combined total of 8 points), but also winners of 3 of their last 4.  Playoffs are still very much in the equation for Chicago, and off a road upset of the Packers ten days ago with extra time to prepare, I look for the Bears to easily handle floundering San Francisco, a team that appears to be playing out its string of games the rest of the season.  49ers have lost 4 of last 5.  San Francisco ranks dead last in the NFL in points scored and yardage, and now faces the league’s second-ranked pass defense.  Moreover, the Bears Defensive Coordinator came over from the 49ers at the end of last season, and knows both teams well.  San Francisco is struggling badly with QB Blaine Gabbert in place of the awful Kaepernick, in part due to some terrible play calling from offensive coordinator, Geep Chryst.  All the evidence points to a Chicago win, so I’ll wheel the Bears with the entire board:

TODAY’S WAGERS (28 bets) — Most wagers are risking $110 to win $100, except the two “Best Bets” which risk $220 to win $200 (total risk amount $3,300):

CHI-.5 with CINCY -1.5

CHI-.5 with CLEVE +13.5

CHI -.5 with JAX +9

CHI -.5 with TENN +3

CHI -.5 with HOU +9

CHI -.5 with BUFF +3

CHI -.5 with BALT +9.5

CHI-.5 with MIA -2.5

CHI-.5 with CAR -.5

CHI -.5 with NOR +13.5

CHI -.5 with SEA +3.5

CHI -.5 with MINN +9.5

CHI -.5 with ARZ +2.5

CHI -.5 with STL +9.5

CHI-.5 with ATL +6

CHI-.5 with TAM +6

CHI -.5 with NYJ +3.5

CHI -.5 with NYG +9.5  [Best Bet]  $220 to win $200

CHI -.5 with DEN PK

CHI -.5 with SDI +12

CHI -.5 with KC +3

CHI-.5 with OAK +9  {Best Bet]  $220 to win $200

CHI-.5 with PHIL +14.5

CHI -.5 with NWE -2.5

CHI -.5 with INDY +15.5

CHI -.5 with PITT -3.5

CHI -.5 with DAL +9.5

CHI -.5 with WASH +2.5


Final Score Projections:

Chicago 27     San Francisco 16

Cincinnati 20     Cleveland 10

Jacksonville 23     Tennessee 20

Houston 20     Buffalo 19

Miami 27     Baltimore 24

New Orleans 33     Carolina 30 (upset special)

Minnesota 24     Seattle 23

St. Louis 27     Arizona 24

Tampa 23     Atlanta 20

NY Giants 30     NY Jets 20

Denver 34     San Diego 17

Oakland 34     Kansas City 24

New England 41     Philadelphia 20

Pittsburgh 24     Indianapolis 23

Dallas 27     Washington 20






NET GAIN/LOSS:  – $573.


LAST WEEK:  1 — 0 — 0 (+$3,000)



Pittsburgh Steelers UNDER 8.5 (+115) — wagering $2,000 to win $2,300    6-5

Philadelphia Eagles UNDER 9.5 (-110) — wagering $1,050 to win $1,000   4-7 …..winner

NY Jets UNDER 7.5 (-120 /-135) — wagering $1,275 to win $1,000     6-5

Tennessee Titans OVER 5.5 (-150) — wagering $450 to win $300     2-9

Cleveland Browns UNDER 6.5 (-170) — wagering $510 to win $300     2-9 ……winner



  1. As a Chicago Bears fan, I like the strategy, but hope they don’t break your heart like they have done to me so many times in the past.

  2. Okay, so you’re watching a scary movie, and you *really* want to cheer for the heroes in the movie, and then one of the characters says something like, “So, we know there’s a supernaturally powerful ghost of an axe murderer chasing us, so let’s split up. Muffy, you go check out the graveyard, Dave, you check out the attic, Mitch, you wander around the basement, and I’ll check out the caves near the haunted cliff,” and then you just hope they all these idiots get killed off? That’s how I feel when I hear “teaser wheel”.

  3. Nolan, didn’t get to see your bets until after the game. OMG! Don’t think it’s a good time this week for someone to ask for your autograph on plane, restaurant or casino. Better luck next week. F….n parleys kill me.

  4. Okay Nolan, I’m going to assume you’ve turned your blog (or whatever this wonderful site that I am totally addicted to is) into a satire.

    No sane human being, especially one with a long history of involvement in gambling and sports betting, would ever, and I mean fucking EVER, consider a teaser wheel. Look, padre. If your key team wins you still only are going to win a small majority of the games. If your key team loses you’re fucking hosed, butt-up the old corn hole. The points aren’t worth it. Why the fucking hell do you think the books put these sucker bets out there? Because they think they’re gonna lose?

    So I’m coming down on the “Nolan’s just dickin’ us around” side because no one with half a fucking brain would make these bets.

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