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Posted by on Dec 18, 2016 in Blog, Essays | 1 comment

2016 NFL Regular Season: Week #15


Atlanta Falcons offense, including center Todd McClure (62) and quarterback Matt Ryan (2), set at the line of scrimmage during a NFL football game against the Carolina Panthers, Sunday, December 12, 2010 in Charlotte, NC. The Falcons won the game 31-10. (AP Photo/Paul Jasienski)


My teaser wheel crashed and burned last week, resulting in an ugly 0-16 run.

This mandates a double up on the teaser wheel this week, in order to ensure a profit.

However, I don’t see many games which fit the classic mold of the teaser, which is picking up the key betting numbers (3, 4, 6, 7).  Many of this week’s games do appear to be quite competitive, which should produce lots of middles so long as we can correctly identify the best hub team.

I would normally shy away from a heavy favorite, but Atlanta appears to be the best team on the board to wheel as they are playing at home against the lowly 49ers.  San Francisco may have given up after a thoroughly humiliating home loss to the NY Jets in Week #14.  Now, they must travel cross country and play one of the league’s best offenses.  I’m not sure how Atlanta will be slowed in this game by a porous 49er defense that surrenders lots of yardage.  Moreover, the 49ers are anemic on offense, so the Falcons should win easily.  Current line is -13.5 which can be teased down to -7 on a 6.5-point teaser (laying -120).  That will be the play this week.

We are laying $240 to win $200 on each of these wagers:

ATL -7 with TB +13.5

ATL -7 with DAL – (half point)

ATL -7 with DET +11

ATL -7 with BAL +1.5

ATL -7 with PHIL +11.5

ATL -7 with GB +2

ATL -7 with CHI +12

ATL -7 with MIN +1.5

ATL -7 with INDY +11.5

ATL -7 with BUF -4

ATL -7 with CLEV +17

ATL -7 with KC (pick)

ATL -7 with TENN +13

ATL -7 with JAX +10.5

ATL -7 with NOR +9.5

ATL -7 with DEN +9.5

ATL -7 with SDI +9

ATL -7 with CINCY +9.5

ATL -7 with WASH (pick)

ATL -7 with CAR +13


20 bets!  LFG!  Fly high, Falcons!






NET GAIN/LOSS:  – $656

LAST WEEK:  (0-16)  -$1,760.



Last week, all of these plays lost since INDY shit the bed and fucked my teasers.  Losses totaled $1,760.

INDY – half point with DEN +7

INDY – half point with SDI +7.5

INDY – half point with CLE +11

INDY – half point with BUF +8

INDY – half point with MIA +8

INDY – half point with DET -1.5

INDY – half point with CHI +13.5

INDY – half point with JAX +9

INDY – half point with NOR +8

INDY – half point with PHIL +8

INDY – half point with NYJ +9

INDY – half point with GB +9

INDY – half point with LA +11.5

INDY – half point with NYG +9.5

INDY – half point with BALT +12.5

INDY – half point with NWE – half point


1 Comment

  1. Now he’s laying -120 AND crossing 0’s
    Good LAWD this keeps getting better.


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