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Posted by on Dec 11, 2016 in Blog, Essays | 2 comments

2016 NFL Regular Season: Week #14


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) throws during the first half of an NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)


With a Little Luck (We Can Work It Out)….

Last week, the teaser wheel spun off course, losing a small amount (-$180).  This was highly unusual for the hub team (Green Bay) to win and cover, while the remainder of my teams failed to win enough to produce a profit.  In the numerous times I’ve used the teaser wheel over the years, I don’t ever recall losing money any single week — unless the hub team failed to cover.  Last weekend’s array of lopsided games killed the entire purpose of betting the teaser wheel, which is to try and middle as many games as possible in a league of parity.  Instead, I mistakenly picked several teams which posted terrible performances (Miami, New Orleans, Carolina, Buffalo, Philadelphia, etc.) failed to show up and play competitive games.

Nonetheless, I’m still ahead for the season as we enter the final month of the season.

This week’s teaser hub is Indianapolis, which is playing at home after what amounts to a bye week (okay, so they played the NY Jets — same thing as a bye).  First place will be on the line in the AFC South as the Colts host Houston.  As for handicapping, this is more of a “go against” Houston situation.  The Texans are inept offensively (ranked 28th in yardage and scoring) and are a poor road team (1-5 straight up, with the lone win and cover a 3-point victory at lowly Jacksonville).  They’ve lost three straight games and played on the road last week, losing at Green Bay.  Meanwhile, the Colts appeared to have turned things around after a terrible start.  They are healthier than they’ve been all season and should be able to handle the Texans at home.  There is some legitimate concern with the tough Texans defense (which was pretty successful shutting down the Packers last week — Green Bay couldn’t run the ball at all).  However, I’m not convinced Houston can put together another similar performance nor score enough points to keep up with Andrew Luck’s offense.

So, Indianapolis -6.5 gets teased down to laying a half point.  The Colts are wheeled with the following teams at $110 to win $100 on each:

INDY – half point with DEN +7

INDY – half point with SDI +7.5

INDY – half point with CLE +11

INDY – half point with BUF +8

INDY – half point with MIA +8

INDY – half point with DET -1.5

INDY – half point with CHI +13.5

INDY – half point with JAX +9

INDY – half point with NOR +8

INDY – half point with PHIL +8

INDY – half point with NYJ +9

INDY – half point with GB +9

INDY – half point with LA +11.5

INDY – half point with NYG +9.5

INDY – half point with BALT +12.5

INDY – half point with NWE – half point

16 plays for Sunday and Monday night.  Good Luck!






NET GAIN/LOSS:  + $1,104.

LAST WEEK:  (7-8)  +-180.



Last week’s results:  7-8

GB – half point with JAX +9.5 — L

GB – half point with KC +11 — W

GB – half point with PHILA +7.5 — L

GB – half point with NOR pick’em — L

GB – half point with CHI +7.5 — W

GB – half point with SFO +4.5 — L

GB – half point with MIA +9.5 — L

GB – half point with BUF +9 — L

GB – half point with TAMPA +9.5 — W

GB – half point with WASH +8.5 — W

GB – half point with PITT – half point — W

GB – half point with NYG +13.5 — W

GB – half point with SEA -1.5 — W

GB – half point with CAR +13.5 — L

GB – half point with NYJ +8 — L




  1. CHOO-CHOO mofos

    • The good news is that this was only level 1 of Martingale.

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