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Posted by on Aug 26, 2017 in Blog, Essays | 6 comments

Writers on the Storm




Don’t be fooled by the fake news of a “hurricane.”

There’s no “hurricane.”  It’s a false flag.  

It’s a false flag created by evil Leftist-globalist financier George Soros and his corrupt cronies at CNN to boost ratings.  They want to distract America from President Trump’s fight to #MAGA.

Someone with a Russian-sounding name told me they saw ads were posted on Craigs List. They’re paying $25 an hour for “extras” to stand next to giant wind turbines and get their hair messed up. I heard organizers are spraying the extras with garden hoses, so it looks like they’re standing in the middle of a hurricane. They’re “performance actors,” just like the Leftists who were hired a few weeks in Charlottesville to stir up shit. It’s probably a racket, paid for by Soros.  Someone needs to look into this.

You can’t trust the film footage you see, either.  Notice they always show the same flimsy palm trees blowing?  Palm trees are everywhere — especially in Florida.  Those look a lot like Florida palm trees to me.  Not Texas palm trees.  Florida palm trees.  I’ve got people down in Florida doing an investigation into the origin of those palm trees right now, and you won’t believe that they’re finding.  My theory is — that’s probably stock footage from some other old storm, most likely in Florida.  That’s what I heard.  I’m just saying.  Someone needs to look into this.

I’m also hearing the scenes of that flimsy piece of sheet metal blowing off the empty shed in high winds is fake.  You know the footage I’m talking about.  CNN shows some shackle of a metal shed out in the middle of nowhere, and all the sudden the sheet metal blows off the roof.  Wow!  That really looked real.  Someone needs to look into this.

Listen up.  There’s no way this hurricane is real.  It’s fake.  Fake news.  Seriously, do you think the President would pardon a convicted racist on a Friday evening and then spend the entire weekend on vacation (AGAIN!) if he *really* believed there was a hurricane slamming into a state that he won the in 2016 election?

Hell or high water — NO!!!

Someone really needs to look into this.

Mr. President — you are in my thoughts and prayers.



  1. With 100% seriousness, someone needs to point me to these Craigslist ads to pay protestors. I mean, if I’m going to stand out there or march or whatever anyways, I may as well get paid to do so. Moreover, I would also like to get paid for the time I spend calling and emailing my congresspeople to complain about the things the Trump administration and the Republican controlled congressional branch are doing. Oh, and while I’m at it, I haven’t forgotten about what you did, Dean Heller. I will never forget. I hope the job that Sheldon and/or Steve promised you really pays off, because in a few months you’re going to need it.



      I need a job. Hey George, give me a call. Will work cheap.

      — ND

    • Where’s muh free stuff…

      • Look like you need more practice at writing satire because that is a lousy example of it. Beyond that, attempting to attack the President using a natural disaster where many people – including some of my friends – have lost everything they owned is pretty damned perverted.

        • C’mon Bob, before you stride into your self righteous indignation routine, you need to recognize Nolan is merely poking fun at Trump’s phony narrative that MSM is fake. Albeit saying “pretty damned perverted” and trump in the same sentence is appropriate.

      • That thing going over your head, Bob, it was my point. Just to resolve that mystery for you.

        Glad I could help.

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